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Chin Treatment with Botox (Dr. Howard Katz)

Many patients believe that using filler material is the only option to fix their chins. This is untrue. Injectables can be used to fill in the area around the chin for those who have a chin deficiency. 

Other factors, though, can make the chin appear more powerful than it is. Those who suffer from recessive chin develop a very deep labiodental crease in most cases. Because the chin bone is too small, a hypertonic mentalis muscle pulls the skin taut, resulting in a deep labiodental crease in the patient. 

As a result of relaxing the mentalis muscle, the chin muscle pushes the mentalis muscle upwards, while the depressor anglers muscle pulls the corner of the mouth downwards. So, if we merely inject the mentalis muscle, we will relax the muscle that generates that deep furrow and makes the chin appear smaller, and we will be able to create the impression that the chin is not quite so prominent.

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