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Does Winnipeg’s millennials’ love of fillers indicate “very unrealistic expectations”?

Studies have linked excessive social media use to negative body image and eating disorders.

Studies have linked excessive social media use to negative body image and eating disorders.

A plastic surgeon in Winnipeg noted that although the number of patients from Generation Z seeking cosmetic procedures is on the rise in the United States, this particular group is more likely to opt for non-invasive treatments like Botox.

A recent survey conducted in the United States found that 75% of facial plastic surgeons expect a rise in the number of patients under the age of 30 seeking cosmetic procedures or injectables in 2022.

If you look at the data from the past five years, you’ll see a consistent growth pattern.

Although a double board-certified plastic surgeon hasn’t noticed a rise in the number of patients under 30 seeking treatment at his clinic and surgery facility in Winnipeg, he has noticed a growing trend among that age group toward injectables in an effort to achieve an aesthetic made popular on social media.

Big lips were somewhat of a huge trend a few years ago, but that has since started to fade. Younger patients are increasingly seeking out Botox, and they do so for preventative rather than curative reasons.

Besides Barbie noses and chin implants, the plastic surgeon says buccal fat reduction and chin augmentation are also popular cosmetic procedures right now.

No matter the patient’s age, they should consider these procedures as permanent as a tattoo and keep in mind that styles come and go. 

A competent doctor will not perform a facelift on a patient who is only 20 years old, for instance, because the procedure is not appropriate for someone of that age. Patient education is sometimes necessary.  

Patients with body dysmorphic disorder may, for instance, present to the doctor with complaints like “my face is disfigured or asymmetrical,” despite the doctor’s examination revealing no such abnormalities. 

Social Media’s Connection to Body Image Problems

The prevalence of social media has a significant impact on today’s standards of beauty.

Regrettably, social media doesn’t always act in a constructive manner. Some patients’ expectations are greatly exaggerated as a result of seeing photoshopped images on the site.

Multiple studies have found an association between excessive social media use and negative body image and eating disorders.

People who spend a lot of time on social media are more likely to have self-esteem issues and worry about what other people think of them.

However, the results of these studies do not prove a causal relationship. It’s possible that people who have more concerns about their body image tend to spend more time on social media. But could it also work the other way around?

The impact that social media has had on people’s perceptions of their bodies should be a source of concern. Learning to recognize the signs of media overload and limiting one’s exposure to these platforms are two strategies for dealing with this issue. 

The use of social media in constructive ways is possible, and some of these ways include encouraging self-expression and creativity as well as a sense of community.

Do you control your use of social media, or do you feel that it controls you?

Many young people’s careless approaches to and extensive use of social media platforms inevitably lead to negative outcomes.

Parents play a crucial role in their children’s sense of self-worth

It is not enough to simply remove harmful online images of beauty standards if we want to improve young people’s body image. Instead, parents and caregivers should keep an eye on their children’s social media use, have open conversations with them about what they see, and act as positive role models for self-love.

Language is incredibly potent and crucial. Fat shaming has become commonplace in our culture. We tell each other over the dinner table, “I can’t eat that” or “It’s my cheat day.”

When children observe their parents enjoying life and being comfortable in their own skin, those emotions are transmitted to them.

Parents play an essential role in safeguarding their children from the risks associated with the use of social media. Technology is most useful when it complements rather than replaces interpersonal connections.

The likelihood of these detrimental effects occurring in young people is lower when they have aspirations in life. When people have a higher sense of self-worth, they are less likely to make unfavorable internal comparisons.

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