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Marketing mistakes to avoid in the field of facial aesthetics

Similar to many other facial aesthetic procedures, Botox is a prescription-only medicine (POM), advertising for it should be restricted.

Similar to many other facial aesthetic procedures, Botox is a prescription-only medicine (POM), so advertising for it should be restricted.

Your facial aesthetics business could benefit from a wide variety of different marketing strategies. Websites and social media promotion were among the items included.

Botox, like many other facial aesthetic treatments, is a prescription-only medicine (POM), so there are strict regulations regarding its promotion.

It is against the law to advertise Botox or Botox treatments

The Committee for Advertising Practice and the Advertising Standards Agency have stated that it is illegal to advertise Botox or Botox treatments to the general public in any way. This applies to all forms of media, including websites and social media platforms, as well as paid advertisements and unpaid marketing posts or communications.

Because of this, Botox is unable to advertise on the website or any of the social media platforms. Some medical professionals refer to it as an “anti-wrinkle treatment,” even though this term could just as easily refer to dermal filler or any number of other skin treatments. On the other hand, there is some disagreement as to whether or not this is admitted.

You might consider advertising the consultation for these treatments instead. Therefore, you should not hesitate to promote a “consultation with a medical professional to discuss anti-aging treatments.” It is a standard best practice to ensure that you offer other anti-aging treatments that do not involve POMs.

It is also essential to make sure that prospective clients are aware of the necessity of a consultation as well as a comprehensive evaluation performed by the medical professional, the results of which may or may not result in the provision of treatment with Botox.

Aesthetic facial procedures before and after images 

Showing before and after pictures of Botox is also discouraged because it could be interpreted as advertising for the POM treatments. When showing before and after pictures of facial aesthetic treatments, one needs to make sure that the purpose of the display is to showcase work, provide value, educate the audience, and not play on the audience’s insecurities.

Displaying the prices of specific treatments is also discouraged because doing so may sway a potential client’s choice. Following the initial consultation that the client has with the practitioner, the practitioner will be able to provide the client with an estimate of the cost of the treatment that they will be receiving. There needs to be enough time for clients to cool off and think about their options.

It should go without saying that you are not permitted to edit the images that are being displayed. However, there are some practitioners who might want to edit some imperfections as long as they are not related to the treatment that is being displayed. For instance, when comparing the before and after results of lip augmentation with dermal filler, blemishes on the skin may need to be removed.

The principle of transparency is extremely important, and we have a duty to make certain that clients are not being deceived in any way.

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