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Former Big Brother Star Chanelle Hayes Among Celebs Training To Inject Botox

Former Big Brother Star Chanelle Hayes Among Celebs Training To Inject Botox

Chanelle Hayes is already a model, singer, television personality and businesswoman, and now the former Big Brother star has added aesthetic training to her list of ventures. She’s learned Botox and dermal filler injections as well as other aesthetic procedures as part of nursing training.

The celeb has battled food addiction in the past and eventually lost over 100 pounds, leading to a desire to train as a nurse.

And she’s not the only celebrity who has publicly announced that she has gone for injectables training. Media personality and model Katie Price, who has long been a fan of cosmetic procedures and had a breast augmentation procedure at age 18, has recently trained to become a cosmetic practitioner so that she can offer injectable treatments to paying customers who want to get the jabs from the celebrity.

Months Of Training

Hayes paid thousands for her course in the UK and indicated in 2021 that she has been training in injectables for at least six months. Her course may have also included instruction in microdermabrasion and other aesthetic treatments that patients would find at a spa or medical office. (In the United States, Dentox is among companies that can train Botox and dermal filler injectors in just one day.)

Hayes was a student at NEW College in West Yorkshire before she appeared on Big Brother in 2007. She shared on Instagram in 2021 that she was attending a Botox and dermal filler training program near her and was “learning aesthetics alongside my nursing degree.”

She later posted that she was practicing at her training academy on live models. By 2024, she hopes to complete her nursing training and become a fully qualified medical professional, leaving her fame behind her if possible. At the moment, in addition to her studies she makes occasional media appearances and also runs a cake-making business that she opened in 2011.

It Might Not Happen Here

In the United States, Hayes might or might not be allowed to work as a Botox injector, depending on the state. American laws regarding who can inject Botox and dermal fillers vary from state to state, forming a confusing hodgepodge of regulations that can leave even well-trained injectors unable to use their skills because of their location.

Some states allow nurses and nurse practitioners to administer injectables, although some require that they work under the supervision of a doctor. Other states prohibit Botox and dermal filler injections by nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and even dentists, in some cases.

No matter the state or country, injectors need to be well-trained to do good work for their clients. Even those who learned the basics of injectables while getting their professional degrees may not have up-to-date training that is precise enough to treat patients. That’s why Botox and dermal filler training like that provided by Dentox is so important.

Dentox offers one-day in-person injectables training with practice on live models plus live online and recorded on-demand courses, all led by company founder Dr. Howard Katz, America’s most experienced Botox and filler instructor. To learn more about Dentox courses or to schedule your training, reach out now. Options are available to meet almost every need.

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