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How to Protect Your Reputation and Save Money at the Same Time (Botox)

You can typically tell when a patient needs further injections by the number of touch-up appointments he or she has. So, if the patient has come in for a certain therapy and you leave them with an area where they still have hypertonic muscles, which is represented by lines where they don’t want them, you’re leaving them with a bad treatment outcome.

To maintain your good name, you’ll have to foot the bill for these retouches. What’s more, while you’re injecting around the eye, some patients end up with wrinkles or a thick lower eyelid. So, to avoid this, you need to be able to forecast what may or may not happen.

The lower eyelid may become thicker as a result of the injections you make around the eye. So, the eyes are one of the most frequently injected body areas.

Informing your patient that if they have concerns about the thickness of their lower eyelid, they can return for additional treatment and learn how much it would cost them is an important part of your job.

The same goes with forehead injections if you don’t want to do touch-ups on the forehead by relaxing it. An illustration of this would be injecting the elevens in the center of a glabella.

Telling your patients that they may require more injections in the forehead is a piece of good advice. If it does happen, they are aware that an additional zone of treatment is required and must pay for it when they come in.

As a result, it doesn’t appear that you have forgotten to inject a certain location or that something has gone wrong with injections when you notify them ahead of time.

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