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Men are Often the Best Botox Customers (Secretly)

You might think that the ones who go in for botox treatments are all women, but you would be mistaken. Men are conscientious about their appearance and the fact that they are getting older just as much as their wives. A man might accompany his wife to her appointment for moral support, while in fact, he has his own appointment in another room. They both get the same treatment and his wife will never know about his unless he tells her.

The era of youthfulness is all around us. People are living longer these days, eating healthier, and turning back the clock on the aging process. Baby boomers, especially men, want to regain that feeling they had when they were younger and are not afraid of a few little needles.

Adding discreet, quick and simple Botox treatments to your practice’s array of service offerings can boost your income and widen your client base — but be prepared for a few awkward situations like the one above. Men like to be stealthy.

According to some research, cosmetic procedures on men rose more than 20 percent in the last several years. Shouldn’t you be getting in on this growing trend in the industry? It all starts with attending an online Botox training seminar to get the skills in injectables that you need.

The fact that Botox injections are quick and can be done discreetly makes it the perfect choice for those who want to look and feel their best at any age. Why not get into this trend and learn the skills you need to boost your career and bring in extra revenue?

Why the Interest in Botox for Men?

Nobody wants to be “put out to pasture” because they are aging. Just because you’ve gained a few years doesn’t mean you’re ready for the nursing home. Jobs and employers often turn down raises and promotions for older workers in favor of younger ones. It is harder for older men to find jobs because of their age. So a lot of men have chosen to do the same thing their wives are doing, slow the aging process. Botox treatments eliminate tiny lines and wrinkles and can take years off of your face. If you look younger you’ll feel more energetic, and therefore be more productive.

Age discrimination is a fact of life, no matter how much we try to deny it. Nobody wants to be hedged out of their job because they look older than others of the same age. Botox and dermal fillers make sense because they can do it on their downtime and no one ever needs to know about it.

Discrete Payments

Men will also go for these treatments because they are often not covered by insurance so they have to pay out of pocket so there is no paper trail for anyone to find out about their treatments.

The paperwork is minimal and the costs are low compared to other treatments to slow aging. This means more revenue for your practice as a medical professional if you offer these services.

Men also understand economics and shopping for them is different than it is for women. They tend to think logically and research products before buying. They will look for skilled medical professionals offering these services at a competitive price.

If you want to help others in the workplace while helping yourself as well, it’s time to make your next continuing education seminar a Botox training course from Dentox. Like so many doctors, nurses, dentists and others who have gone before you, you won’t regret learning from a proven leader whose years of experience are available to you whenever you’re ready to benefit from them.

If your office does not offer botox treatments but you would like to, get in touch with Dr. Katz or Dentox, and sign up for his online Botox course to get you skill-trained and certified to offer Botox treatments for your patients.

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