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Modern Botox Training for Modern Times

Philadelphia is a beautiful city with lots to offer, including colleges and universities that offer on-going medical training. Traditional classroom training is great but for busy professionals, online Botox training is the way to go. Why choose online learning over traditional classes? Modern technologies call for a modern method of learning that fits your lifestyle.

People today only have so much time in a day. Work and family life requires a careful balancing act and when you try to squeeze school on top of that it can get a little nerve-wracking. But doing your training online from your home or office is a great way to train where you are and on your schedule.

Dentox Training Is the Best

The Dentox training company was founded by Dr. Howard Katz, who is an expert in Botox for cosmetic use. Dr. Katz is a practicing dentist, educator, and world leader in Botox and other related products. His years of teaching as a professor makes him the perfect choice for Botox training for medical professionals. Who better to learn from than the best in the industry.

Dr. Katz is a world traveler and has taught students from around the globe the same concepts he teaches in his online classes. Not only will you learn the basics of Botox application but he also teaches you how to explain the benefits of Botox services to potential new patients.

Dentox is the right choice because:

It combines modern convenience with proven training methods to help you learn new skills that you can integrate into your practice to bring in more revenue. Once you have completed your training course and certification you can begin offering these new services and your waiting room will fill up with people wanting to book a session. Training with Dr. Katz will ensure that you learn the most up-to-date information and techniques to be successful and provide the best care for your patients.

When in San Diego you can drop in for a refresher class at Dentox headquarters. All you need to do is call ahead and confirm your spot in the class. You also get AGD Continuing Education credit and the training pays for itself within a short time.

Focused and On-target

During class, the instructor talks directly to the camera so it’s like you are right there in the front row. You can see and hear him clearly and can ask questions in real-time if you need clarity on something that was said. Your practice sessions are private and you submit proof of skill mastery by email and photo documentation so there is no having to stand up in class or perform in front of others for those with anxiety issues.

The class sessions are recorded and these are available 24/7 so you can review a class as many times as you need to master the knowledge. You can brush up your skills whenever you want and when it fits your schedule.

Dr. Katz will be available for email consultations during and after training ends. Even though the class has ended you still retain many of the benefits like access to the doctor for on-going guidance.

Opt for the superior training methods offered through online Botox training and skip the hassles of attending regular classes in Philadelphia.

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