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On-Demand Botox Training Is The Best Way To Learn – And Here’s Why

On-demand Botox training couldn’t be more convenient. It’s complete Botox training for viewing at any time and from any place. It’s practical, economical and convenient – no matter your schedule.

Here’s how it works:

• Watch and follow along with the prerecorded webinars when you have time. You get complete access for 60 days after signing up.
• Participate in a live question and answer session with our founder and trainer Dr. Howard Katz. A recognized industry leader, there’s no instructor with more experience in injectables.
• Send us a photo that proves your mastery using the exclusive manikin and hands-on kit we provide.

What could be easier? But maybe you have questions: Is it hard to learn Botox with no instructor by your side in the room? Is there support available to ensure success?

How Hands-On And On-Demand Go Together

The watch-anytime Dentox on-demand Botox training course is possible because of our recently enhanced and upgraded manikin kit with color-keyed anatomy chart. As soon as you register for our on-demand course, we send this kit out to you. It includes special stickers that help you practice injection techniques because they mimic the needle resistance of natural skin. Attaching the stickers to the manikin head in the proper locations is part of the learning process. Then, you can practice your techniques. At the end of the training (you have 60 days to watch anytime), you send us a photo of yourself with your completed manikin as proof that you have mastered the skills we teach.

The stickers are quite remarkable because they actually pop as you pierce them with a needle. Plus, depths, angles and dosages are color-keyed to assist in your learning. Additional details are included along with the hands-on kit. You can keep the head and this information as a visual reference to help you avoid mistakes as you begin treating patients. It’s a simple and effective system that’s proven to work.

Access When You Need It And More

The best part about the Dentox on-demand Botox course is that you can take the course whenever you like and spend as much time as you want doing it – up to 60 days from the time you sign up.

You might decide to watch it a little at a time over many days. You might prefer to do it in several long sittings. To grasp everything, you might decide to watch some parts over and over. Maybe you’ll want to show the course to family or friends who can help you understand and study key concepts. During a two-month period, you can watch however and whenever you like.

After you’re satisfied that you’ve seen as much as you need to see, arrange your Q&A session with Dr. Katz. During this session, clear up any concerns you have and ask whatever you like. If that’s not enough guidance, Dr. Katz makes himself available for even more. Contact him by email when deciding how to treat a patient with questions and pictures. He will answer you within 24 hours with useful advice and guidance – at no extra cost.

Get Started With Botox On-Demand Now

Before, life may have been getting in the way of your Botox training – and keeping you from getting continuing education credit you need anyway. Now, online training is more mainstream than ever before, more practical because of better internet connections and more sensible than traveling and having to do things on someone else’s schedule.

With 60 days of access on your terms, case support from Dr. Katz if you need it and a modern training method that fits with today’s world, Dentox’s on-demand Botox training is surely right for you. Why not sign up now?

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