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Understanding The Facts About Dermal Filler Therapy

Understanding The Facts About Dermal Filler Therapy

Dermal filler injectionWhen you understand the facts about dermal filler therapy, you’re better prepared to decide if adding dermal fillers is right for your practice.

How Accepted Is Dermal Filler Therapy?

Even more widely accepted by North American patients than cosmetic dentistry, dermal filler therapy is something both women and men are having done with increasing frequency. Ask around, and you’ll find just about everyone has heard of dermal filler therapy. Ask your patients too. You’ll soon find that both Botox and dermal filler therapy are widely known and accepted.

What Can Dermal Fillers Do For Patients?

Put simply, a dermal filler is a material that’s injected beneath the skin into areas like the nasolabial folds, the marionette lines, the oral commissures and other places on the face to plump them up and smooth away wrinkles. Lip augmentation is another of the many uses for dermal fillers. In the past, these services were performed only by dermatologists and plastic surgeons — or people in their offices. In many cases, the services are performed in these offices by nurses or medical estheticians who work from these offices rather than the doctors themselves.

Very generally speaking, Botox is often used on the top half of the face to relax muscles while dermal fillers are used lower on the face to fill depressions, but this isn’t always how it works. Dermal fillers are often used to frame the face, putting them squarely within the realm of cosmetic dentistry and what a dentist should be doing for his or her patients. These fillers are usually injected directly into specific places using extraoral injections in areas where dentists are used to making injections inside the mouth for anesthesia purposes.

What has proven intriguing to some involved in dermal filler training is that dermatologists, nurses and plastic surgeons are often not squeamish at all about giving extraoral injections but are concerned more about injecting inside the mouth. Dentists, of course, often have opposite concerns and aren’t so sure about working outside the mouth.

How Long Can Dermal Fillers Last?

That depends on the dermal fillers used and the skill of the person doing the injection, but results usually last at least six months. Some results are permanent. There are some fillers intended to be temporary while others are designed for permanence. In many cases, health care professionals don’t like to do permanent fillers at least on new patients because this can lead to bad outcomes and liability issues. Temporary fillers rarely last more than 18 months, so risk is limited.

Bovine and human collagen have been the most popular types of dermal fillers in the past, but allergy testing is necessary with these products and they are losing popularity. Hyaluronic acid products like Juvederm and Restylane are the most popular today and widely considered the best available. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally and that the body loses with aging, and fillers made from it add volume to the face and look exceedingly natural. Fillers of this type last from 6 to 12 months or perhaps a bit longer and can are popular for lip augmentation. These product names are also ones that clients may recognize.

Calcium hydroxylapatite is another naturally occurring body substance that is popular in the dermal filler Radiesse. This product is very viscous and thick and last longer than hyaluronic acid products because the material is slower to break down. When it does break down, the body sometimes replaces it with collagen, maintaining the wrinkle-free appearance for a longer period of time.

Choosing the right dermal filler material for the right purpose is very important. Practitioners must know which material is best in a wide variety of circumstances. This is obviously the result of good dermal filler training.

What Your Patients Want

Many people who come to your practice already use Botox therapy and dermal filler therapy. These treatments are quite popular and are becoming more so. Patients who have already had previous treatments by others don’t need any education from you. They’ll simply come to your office and ask you to get started. They know what to expect and will likely be pleased to be able to get the services from someone they trust and someone who can offer anesthesia and other comforts they may not have had in the past.

You’ll find that liability issues and wrong treatment concerns are very limited since results are usually temporary. An area treated with a dermal filler will return to normal within 12 months or less, so there’s little risk of long-term bad outcomes.

Training Is Essential

To perform this treatment up to the highest possible standard, dermal filler training is essential. You need to get training from someone who has trained many dentists and other medical pros in facial injectable therapy including Botox and dermal fillers. This will allow you to become competent in how these materials work, get better acquainted with the operation of facial muscles and learn about risks and benefits of offering this treatment to your patients. You also need hands-on experience in placing the materials and limiting complications. With a bit of practice, you can become an expert. Since many state dental boards allow these injections by dentists, you can make this a part of your practice right away.

When you get the education you need and perform within the guidelines set up by your state, you can legally and ethically perform valuable Botox and dermal filler procedures for your patients, increasing your value to your patients and enhancing your practice financially.

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Profitable Aesthetics – Microdermabrasion

Profitable Aesthetics – Microdermabrasion

Woman Under Going Microdermabrasion TreatmentA few years ago, the only people that would have the wonderful microdermabrasion treatment would be the rich and the fabulous – people that were already famous, and already had a huge amount of help to look wonderful. Thankfully, the last few years have proved that any treatment that they can have, we can have, and now microdermabrasion is a treatment can be had by absolutely anyone. It is one of those incredibly unique treatments because it is very scientifically advanced, but does not require any surgery or anaesthetic. Could it be too good to be true? We don’t think so, and you should read on to find more about it:

What is microdermabrasion anyway?

Put very simply, having a microdermabrasion treatment is a little bit like having an instant facelift, only without any of the cost or hassle. It is in the same field as Botox and chemical peels, but without any of the pain or chemicals that they include. Believe it or not, treatments such as microdermabrasion are becoming more and more popular with men just as much as women.

Microdermabrasion is when the rough skin cells that are on your face are buffed away from the top layer of your skin. After all, the very top layer on the skin on your face is the layer that comes into contact with the sun, the wind, all of the nasty chemicals that are thrown at us during each day to day – and that is the layer that can very quickly get clogged up. By removing that layer, you can lose all of those damaged skin cells that are proving to be so unhappy on your face, and reveal instead all of the new skin that is just waiting underneath to be unmasked. That new skin will be healthier, have a more natural glow, and will instantly make you look and feel so much better.

How does microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion does not make any sense whatsoever unless you have a basic understanding of how your skin is made. It is important to know that your skin consists of two completely different layers, and they have completely different jobs. The epidermis is the layer that is on the outside, and which has to weather all of the things that a normal life throws at it. The epidermis is actually mainly made up of dead skin cells, which many people can find quite shocking. The dermis is the layer underneath, and is where all of those alive and happy skin cells are. However, going even deeper, the epidermis has one very top layer which is the layer of skin that we put moisturiser and sun cream in, and that is called the stratum corneum.

When you have a microdermabrasion treatment, it is the stratum corneum that is affected by it. That means that you do not have to worry about the deep layers of your skin being damaged, because it will only be the very outside layer. That means that the full technical name of the microdermabrasion should actually be micro-epi-dermabrasion . . . but we think that is slightly too much of a mouthful!

What can microdermabrasion do for me?

The effects of microdermabrasion are brilliant, and they can be achieved in a very small amount of time and effort. By removing that layer of skin on the stratum corneum, the body gets confused and thinks that it is under attack. That means that it sends lots of nice lovely nutrients and fresh skin cells and collagen to your face, leaving you with a face full of healthy, totally happy skin.

But what is even better is that your skin will not only feel better, and look better – but it will actually be better! As the stratum corneum has been removed, that allows your skin to breathe well for the first time in a long time, and more oxygen means that your skin will stay healthier for longer. The new cells that are exposed will be very soft and smooth, giving your skin a chance to stay healthy. Any sun damage or fine lines will have been removed, and now when you put moisturiese or sun cream on, they will go much deeper into your skin, protecting you and nourishing you for longer. Their active ingredients will actually reach the skin that needs them.

There must be side effects to microdermabrasion, right?

Right: but those side effects will only last a very small amount of time. For the first hour after you have had the microdermabrasion treatment, your skin on your face will look and feel slightly sore and red. You may have a little bit of swelling. How long that swelling and redness lasts is entirely up to how your body copes with it, but the vast majority of people will see a huge improvement within a couple of hours.

The main effects of microdermabrasion are all positive, and if you continue to have regular microdermabrasion treatments, the positives only increase. Studies have shown that if you have repeated microdermabrasion treatments throughout the year, your skin will actually start to grow back without those blemishes that you were hoping to remove!

So what do people use to have a microdermabrasion treatment?

Salons or clinics that offer microdermabrasion treatments will use a special tool for the procedure that will ensure the process will not be too rough or intense for your skin. Out of the tool will stream tiny crystals that will gently move the dead cells away from your face. There will also be a small vacuum as part of the tool, and that will collect up the dead skins as they are removed. The vacuum will make a small amount of noise, and some people can find this a bit off-putting, but you should not let that put you off having this amazing treatment.

Microdermabrasion is a fantastic procedure that can totally revolutionise the way that a person can look and feel. Why not talk to your salon or dermatologist about how microdermabrasion can transform your life.

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September Course Recap – Botox® Training Courses

Students of our online aesthetic Botox® training classes are more demanding of us than ever before, and we like it that way. In some of our recent classes taught by our lead trainer and world-renown Botox® expert Dr. Howard Katz, we’re getting more questions and more interaction than ever before. This increased interest that students are taking boosts the learning process and makes sure that we’re always on our toes.

Fortunately, we’re up to the task, thanks to Dr. Katz. You see, he essentially wrote the book on how to use Botox® for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. There’s really no more impressive teacher of this subject matter in the world.

That’s because he has more than three and a half decades of experience in aesthetics education and treating patients in private practice . He’s taught the very best in some of the best places in the world, including Spain, Holland, Germany and even Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

He has also worked to obtain five medical patients of various types and is actually mentioned by name on the patent applications for all the injectable botulinum toxin products that are on today’s market. And the list of his achievements and accomplishments goes on. For example, he’s the president of the International Association of Dentofacial Esthetics. He’s involved with the Facial Pain Association. He’s a member of the Facial Pain Association… and so much more.

botox training professor

Set Apart From The Rest

In large part because of our extraordinary leader, we rise above the competition in many ways, including these important ways:

  • We teach techniques that actually help students’ practices. Excellent Botox® skills are in demand by patients these days along with other cosmetic and aesthetic skills designed to make people look better than ever before. Our past students have been able to very literally save their struggling practices by offering aesthetic services as an add-on to the services they already providing, enhancing the profit from every patient and therefore the practice bottom line.
  • We use only the very latest products and procedures. When students learn from us, they learn the latest techniques and always use the real thing. Botox® training from Dentox provides just the level of high-quality learning that they expect from an industry leader like Dr. Katz. He doesn’t disappoint in this way or in any other.
  • All training is hands on. Some may not believe that hands-on training is possible from an online Botox® course, but it absolutely is. Using an innovative process we explain to students that involves models and photos, we can verify mastery of every technique before we issue the Botox® certification that they earn from us. We make sure everyone we certify genuinely knows what he or she is doing.


Never-Ending Learning

Months and even years after a student has trained with us, they’re still part of our aesthetics Botox® training family and their learning continues. We stay with them every step of the way as they use their skills.

  • First, we offer easy access to Dr. Katz. All that a past student has to do to access Dr. Katz and his vast knowledge is send an email with a specific problem. A response will come within 24 hours.
  • Second, those who live in or visit San Diego, California are always welcome to come in for a semi-private hands-on session with us.
  • Third, the recording of the training class a student attends is always available online so they can review it and refresh their knowledge. Since these videos are available at all hours, so is the Dr. Katz’s vast knowledge.

We believe students are asking more questions than ever because they’re more interested in enhancing their skills than even before. And we’re very pleased that’s the case. It’s a great way to rise to the highest level possible.

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August Recap – Botox® & Medical Esthetics Training Online

August Recap – Botox® & Medical Esthetics Training Online

medical esthetics banner

Dentox offers many medical esthetics training courses throughout the year, and most of our recent classes have experienced greater attendance than ever before. That simple fact indicates that more and more medical professionals are coming to understand the importance of offering Botox® to maintaining a thriving practice.

And it means that an increasing number of doctors, dentists and others understand that there’s no more sensible idea than to take their medical esthetic / Botox® class from Dr. Howard Katz, a recognized leader in the industry and the chief trainer at Dentox.


Botox® Training Beyond Compare

We have heard from many students who have considered the competition and chosen to train with us because their research has shown what we’ve always known: there’s no better choice in hands-on online Botox® courses. In fact, we’re the creator of hands-on classes taught entirely online.

Some of the things that make us different include these facts:

We help build practices. Medical professionals with good Botox® skills lead practices that are strong and growing. Medical esthetic procedures are a great way to bring new clients into a practice and boost the bottom line, increasing the likelihood that a new practice can flourish in those crucial first few years and that an aging practice can attract the new clients it desperately needs to succeed into the future. There’s a lot of profit in offering Botox®, and that profit has seriously enhanced the bottom line of many practices.

Dr. Katz is the most qualified instructor in the world. Our lead instructor is an innovator and inventor whose name is actually included on the patent application for Botox® and other popular botulinum toxin injectables including Dysport and Xeomin. It’s impossible to find a better or more qualified instructor — or one who cares more about seeing his students succeed.

We guarantee that we teach the latest techniques. Because we’re on the cutting edge, we can make sure your skills are the best of the best as well. Our medical esthetic Botox® training course uses real products and the latest techniques that are proven to provide the very best results for your patients and the lowest chance of complications that could negatively impact your business.


Students Are Part Of Our System Forever

Here’s something great for all those students who have recently completed our online Botox® training program: they remain part of system forever and are always supported in their endeavor by Dentox.

Each student who participates in one our medical esthetics classes has access to Dr. Katz whenever they need it. All they have to do is email him with a specific case question. Within 24 hours, they will get a complete and accurate response from him. Even long after their participation in the course is over, they can still get the comforting and supportive assistance of this world-renown expert any time.

As an additional benefit, those former students who are fortunate enough to live near or visit San Diego, California can come to a free hands-on class at our location in this area anytime.

And perhaps the best benefit of taking a class with Dentox is that the class is always available for review. Past students can always go online to watch a streaming copy of their specific class — like taking the whole course again as a refresher. What else could a student need to succeed?

Even better for some students is that we’re AGD accredited and can help them meet their continuing education needs.

We’re not really surprised at all that people are increasingly turning to medical esthetic classes like our Botox® training to boost their skills and their practices’ bottom lines — and we hope you’re not surprised that they’re turning to Dentox, the best in the online Botox® training business.


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July Recap – Botox Aesthetics Workshops Online

July Recap – Botox Aesthetics Workshops Online

We know that students have a choice in aesthetics workshops for continuing education credit and to enhance their practices. And we can see from the many positive comments and reviews we get from students that they really enjoy taking classes from Dr. Howard Katz and really benefit from the information he provides to them.

botox workshop banner


Comments Abound

We would never betray students’ trust by quoting their exact comments here, but we can tell you some of the things they most often comment about based on what we’ve heard from the most recent batches of students. This feedback includes positive comments about:

The quality of the instructor. Our lead instructor Dr. Howard Katz is a leading innovator in the use of Botox and similar products for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. His name is on the Botox patent application, and he’s been involved in helping people and teaching students from more than 35 years. As the very best in his field, students often comment that turning to someone else would be like turning to an imitator or a Johnny-come-lately rather than the original source.

The fact that the training is available online. There’s no better way to learn in today’s world than to learn online. That’s because there’s no travel involved, yet modern technology means there’s still a high level of interaction. The instructor can answer questions about the materials just as if he was in the same room with each student, something that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.

How we offer hands-on training. Those who haven’t yet experienced our aesthetic Botox workshops may not understand how an Internet class can be hands-on, but students like the innovative teaching methods we use involving models and photos to make sure that every concept is mastered before we issue a Botox training certificate.

The quality of the techniques we teach. Some students have others in their practices or among their friends who have been trained in cosmetic Botox by other instructors. When discussing their techniques, our students often find that they have superior understanding and better skills than their colleagues — even if their colleagues only trained a few months ago. That’s because we’re the innovators in many cases, and we have the best knowledge about the best protocols first.


A Simple Process

Perhaps we get the most positive comments from previous students about the ease of participating in one of our aesthetic Botox classes. We promote the process as a simple five-step way to get the training that doctors, dentists and other medical professionals need to get ahead, and students often comment how simple the process actually is.

The process involves the following steps:

1. Signing up for the Botox course. That’s quick and easy online.

2. Clicking on the link in the email when the time comes. Joining the class at the appropriate time is as easy as clicking an email link. That allows students to join the online class and see everything that happens up close via their smart phone, laptop or desktop computer.

3. Watching and participating in the class. Interaction is easy since there’s a chat box available and students can also ask questions by telephone during the class. Just as if the student was in the room with the instructor, we’re always watching for questions and ready with answers.

4. Proving mastery of the material. That’s where our innovation comes in. Using models, photos and practice on their own, students can master the material and then prove mastery to us.

5. Issuing of the certification. Students get their certificate by mail, then they’re ready to complete any additional steps required in their state or local area to start providing Botox and other related services to clients.

When students work with us, they have positive feelings about learning Botox and they so often share that positivity with us, making the processing rewarding for us as well.


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How to Choose a Continuing Education Course

botox training creditContinuing education is part of being a health care professional and you want to make the most of it.  Here are some things to consider when deciding on what to take.

Where are your friends and your current patients spending their disposable income?  Some people spend thousands of dollars every year on Botox and dermal fillers.  Your patients come to see you regularly anyway.  If they are getting these treatments, they are making a separate appointment somewhere else.  It would be much more convenient for them to get their treatments when they’re already in for their checkups anyway.

You have an existing client base, some of whom are getting or considering Botox or dermal fillers.  Marketing your new offering can be as simple as letting your patients know that you offer the treatments.  You can even survey your patients.  Let them know you are considering offering the new service and simply ask if they would be interested.

The investment is minimal.  You could spend thousands on a course and tens of thousands or more on new equipment.  Or you can spend $1600 for a live course or $700 for an online course, and nothing on new equipment.  Once you’ve completed the Dentox course, your only investment is a few vials of the product.  You can recoup your cost the very first time you perform the procedure.  Compare this to come investments in new services that can take years and hundreds of uses to recoup your cost.

Chances are your malpractice insurance requires you to take a qualifying course before you can offer the treatments.  Dr. Howard Katz, director of Dentox, holds 5 patents and is named on many more.  No professional has administered these treatments to more patients.  Dentox helped to develop the protocols for these treatments.  No other course is led by anyone more knowledgeable on the products or their use.

Whatever you choose for your continuing education credit, look at who is offering the course.  Some courses are taught by salespeople who want to sell equipment.  Others are taught by random people who don’t know much more about the topic than you do.  If you’re going to take a class, you want to learn from a real expert, even better if it is someone who is known around the world for their expertise and extensive experience.

Before investing thousands (or more) on a course, and tens of thousands (or more!) on expensive equipment, consider the course that will pay you back as soon as you get back to the office.  Consider Dentox.

Qualified medical professionals, would you like to learn how to use Botox in your practice,? Visit our Botox Training Course Page and learn from the inventor named on the patent applications for Botox!

Increasing Attendance Means More Are Benefiting From Aesthetics Botox Course

Increasing Attendance Means More Are Benefiting From Aesthetics Botox Course

botox training online courseThe frequent Botox Aesthetics Training Course choices offered by Dentox are seeing better attendance than ever before, meaning more and more people are benefiting from this medical aesthetics class that helps medical professionals serve their patients better than ever before. With training in this online Botox Aesthetics course from Dr. Howard Katz, these doctors, dentists and others are as well prepared as possible to perform Botox procedures for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

The Very Best Course

The large numbers of trainees who are choosing Dentox over our competitors indicates that people have caught on to what we’ve known all along: we provide not only the best training but also the best value as well. But what else makes us different? There are many things, including the following:

We teach proven techniques that improve medical and dental practices. With solid Botox skills under their belts, medical professionals can better meet the needs of existing clients and bring in new patients who are interested especially in these kinds of services. Plus, the income from these extra procedures enhances the bottom line of the practice, boosting its ability to provide other services. And since start-up costs are very low, the investment won’t break the bank.

We have the most qualified instructor. Dr. Howard Katz, our lead instructor, is actually the inventor whose name is on the patent applications for popular botulinum toxin injectables, including Xeomin, Dysport and Botox. How could anyone be more qualified to teach proper Botox aesthetic injections than Dr. Katz?

We teach all the latest products and techniques. With an aesthetic Botox course from another company, you can’t be sure what products and techniques are being taught. But since our lead instructor is an innovator in his field and an experienced instructor too, you’re sure to be taught the very latest techniques using the latest products.

We provide the only interactive and hands-on online course. How is that possible? Using two-way communication, foam heads that allow every medical professional to practice before performing a procedure on a real person and the exchange of photos that prove that a skill is mastered, we can give students all the benefits of an in-person course without the need for travel.

They’re Now Part Of A System

The many people who have recently participated in our online Aesthetics (Botox) training course are now part of a system that ensures they’re always supported in this new venture and can always have their questions answered. Every student who completes one of our medical aesthetics classes has direct access when they need it to Dr. Katz for questions on specific treatments, even long after the course is done. When they need answers related to a specific case or dealing with an unexpected side effect, they can send photos to Dr. Katz and his team for an accurate and specific answer within 24 hours. Also, when in the San Diego, CA area, students can participate in a free hands-on class at our San Diego location. And perhaps best of all, they can repeat the entire course anytime by watching the video recording of the actual class they attended. They also get priority if they should ever desire to take the entire course again live.

What more could any student possibly need? Of course, they get continuing education credit if the need it as well since our course is AGD accredited.   It’s no wonder that more people are turning to aesthetic Botox training courses from Dentox than ever before. When they’ve made up their mind to pursue Botox aesthetics training, it makes sense that they’d choose the best online training program available. It makes sense that they’d choose Dentox.

ROI on Dentox Courses

ROI on Dentox Courses

Dentox ROIDentox courses provide the best return on investment compared to any other courses and equipment. You show a profit and carry zero liability even if you treat 3 or fewer patients each year. Your investment is returned when you treat your first patient. A 100 unit vial of botox sells for $580 or less. Your profit on each vial is $1000.It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to inject 100 units in different sites. Assuming that you use only 1 vial each month what is your return over your career ? In 20 years (=240 months = 240 vials if you inject 1 vial each month = 20 hours of treatment time over your lifetime if each vial takes 5 minutes treatment) your profit in today’s money is $240,000 in 20 hours on a $1500 investment in yourself. Please let me know if you know of anything else as profitable.

So here are some real world questions. A good implant course and decent implant equipment excluding laboratory fees and implant components will set you back $25K to $50K. How many implants do you have to do before you show a profit? How much liability are you carrying from badly place or failing implants? How long will you carry this liability – or for how long will you see radiologic problems from a badly placed implant?

How about a CT scan machine. How many CT scans do you have to take to be profitable? Are you responsible for missed pathology on your imagery? Are you responsible for pathology that is may be implicated to excessive X-radiation?

How about a Cerec machine? How many restorations do you have to perfectly to make this profitable? Yes you reduce your lab fees because you are doing all the work! You are also responsible for all your failures.

The bottom line. There is nothing more profitable in your practice than offering Botox.

If you are a qualified medical professional, and would like to learn how to use Botox in your practice, visit our Botox Training Page and learn from the inventor named on the patent applications for Botox!

Greater Interaction Means Greater Learning In Aesthetic Botox Training Courses

Greater Interaction Means Greater Learning In Aesthetic Botox Training Courses

botox training banner

In recent online Botox aesthetics courses taught by Dr. Howard Katz, we’re noticing greater student interaction that’s pushing the learning level through the roof. We believe that today’s Dentox courses are better than ever before because student’s are taking an increasing interest in their learning process and making sure we rise to the highest level of educational excellence.

That’s not hard to do since our lead instructor, Dr. Howard Katz, essentially wrote the book on Botox. There’s no more impressive instructor teaching medical aesthetics classes anywhere in the world. It all starts with his more than 35 years in private practice and decades of experience as an aesthetic educator. He’s conducted lectures of various types at NYU, NSU and in Spain, Germany, Holland, South Africa and even Saudi Arabia.

He also hold five medical patients of various sorts and is named on the patent for all injectable botulinum toxins on the market today. And there’s so much more. He’s the president of the International Association of Dentofacial Esthetics, involved with the Facial Pain Association and has collaborated with the largest aesthetics pharmaceutical companies including Prollenium and Allegan.

So Much Sets Us Apart

And because we have such an experienced and impressive leader, we stand out from the competition in many other ways, including these:

The techniques we teach are proven to help medical practices succeed. Strong Botox skills mean stronger aesthetic and cosmetic practices. With these skills, our past students have been able to pull in new clients who want these services, offer these services as add-ons for current clients and more. The extra income from all these extra procedures boosts the bottom line of the practice, sometimes allowing struggling practices to remain in business and begin to thrive.

The techniques we teach involve the latest procedures and products. When someone chooses to take an aesthetic Botox course from a company other than Dentox, it’s anybody’s guess what they will be taught. At Dentox, we focus on teaching the very latest in everything — just what you’d expect from our experienced and innovative lead instructor. Students can be certain they’re up to date when they train with us.

The techniques we teach involve hands-on training. Some don’t think that hands-on Botox aesthetics training is possible with an online Botox training course, but we’re proving every day that it can be done. Using an innovative process involving models and photos, we can verify that every student has mastered every technique before we issue the Botox certification. No other medical aesthetics training program does that.

The Learning Continues

Long after today’s students have completed their aesthetic Botox training program, the learning continues for them, and we’re with them at every step in several ways. First and most important is the access they get to Dr. Katz. All they have to do is send an email to Dr. Katz with specifics of a problem case and he’ll get back to them within 24 hours. What could be better than that?

Also, those who live in or have plans to visit San Diego can participate in a free semi-private session of hands-on learning at our San Diego facility.

And the recording of every training class is online so that students can review their class and refresh themselves on what they learned. These videos are available 24 hours a day, making the learning process continuous and non-stop for those who want to make sure they’ve mastered every aspect of Botox aesthetics injection.

Maybe we’re biased in favor of our students, but it seems that students are more and more demanding at recent Botox training classes, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Rising to their highest potential challenges us to rise to our highest potential too — a challenge we’re ready to meet.


Allergan Botox Training

Allergan Botox Training

Allergan BotoxAs the baby boom generation ages and looks for ways to look younger, the field of cosmetic surgery has responded by developing options for restoring healthy skin that are less invasive and less risky than surgery.  Botox and similar injectable preparations have become quite popular among those seeking a fountain of youth.

Several different botulinum toxin preparations have been developed and are currently on the market.  One of the most popular of these is Allergan botox.  There are certain things that health care professionals need to be familiar with and certain training that a practitioner needs to go through before being licensed to provide it.  Here are some of the things a practitioner needs to know before administering botox.


Facial anatomy and aesthetics


Allergan botox is injected into the muscles just under the skin for facial aesthetic reasons.  Allergan botox can promote muscle relaxation and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  There have been 43 distinct muscles identified in the face, many of them very small, plus nerves and blood vessels, making the anatomy of the face quite complex.  Understanding the structure of the face is critical to administering botox accurately for the best results.


Other Uses for Botox and Relevant Anatomy


Allergan isn’t just for facial aesthetics, however.  It also has a number of other uses, including:

  • Strabismus – lack of coordination in eye muscles,
  • Blepharospasm – uncontrollable blinking,
  • Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating,
  • Urinary incontinence and overactive bladder,
  • Muscle spasms – particularly in the hands,
  • Cervical Dystonia – muscle spasms in the neck,
  • Chronic migraines, specifically patients with at least 15 headache days per month,
  • Much more, new uses are being discovered all the time.

In order to properly administer botox for these purposes, it is important to understand the anatomy of these areas as well.  Training should always make it clear what use of Allergan botox is being discussed so that the appropriate anatomy can be discussed.  Because new indications and uses for Botox are frequently being discovered, new uses and relevant anatomy should be discussed during the training as well.


Benefits, Risks and Contraindications

botox vials and syringe
Any kind of medical treatment carries some risks, and Allergan is no exception.  A good training course should cover not only the potential benefits, but the also the potential side effects and risks involved as well as contraindications of treatment.  Botox is not safe for all patients.  Some people who should not receive Botox include those who have ever had an allergic reaction to any other botulinum toxin product and those with certain muscle or nerve conditions.  Patients with breathing problems may be able to receive botox, but will require extra monitoring after the procedure.  Patients should inform their doctor of all medical conditions and medications, including any prior surgeries on the face and any plans to have surgery in the near future.  Additional precautions or monitoring may be necessary.

The most common side effects are temporary and include redness or swelling at the injection site.  Allergan botox is generally safe, but does come with some risks that practitioners and patients should be aware of.  This risks  include:

  • Problems with talking, swallowing or even breathing, or
  • Effects of the toxin spreading, leading to generalized muscle weakness, blurred or double vision, hoarseness or loss of voice,
  • Loss of bladder control or inability to empty the bladder, especially in those who receive botox for bladder issues,
  • Problems with the cornea or bleeding behind the eye in those who receive botox to correct problems with eye muscles

A good training program doesn’t stop at explaining the risks.  It should also include detailed information on how to manage any complications that may occur.


Legal Matters


There are guidelines and regulations that govern any procedure done by healthcare professionals.  State laws vary on who is allowed to administer botox.

Allergan’s uses are a little broader than some of the other botox preparations and training needs to be tailored to ensure its specific uses, along with benefits, risks and protocols are covered.

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