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Registered Nurses Are Now Allowed To Inject Botox In Florida

The Registered Nurse has been approved by the Florida Nursing Board to inject Botox under the close supervision of a physician.

Registered Nurses have been approved by the Florida Nursing Board to inject Botox under the close supervision of a physician.

Registered Nurses Are Now Allowed To Inject Botox In Florida

The recent release of a declaratory statement by the Florida Board of Nursing regarding aesthetic injections has certainly captured the attention of registered nurses (RNs) across the nation. For quite some time now, the state of Florida has grappled with a certain degree of ambiguity surrounding the regulations pertaining to the administration of Botox and fillers by registered nurses (RNs). 

Fortunately, recent guidance indicates that the Florida Board of Nursing has exhibited a greater willingness to consider granting registered nurses the opportunity to administer aesthetic injections compared to previous times. This change in the Board’s perspective regarding the involvement of registered nurses in administering aesthetic injections may ideally facilitate the provision of these sought-after services by medical spas to their clientele.  

In this informative blog post, we shall thoroughly explore the intricacies of the declaratory statement, its consequential effects on registered nurses, and the notable importance of this advancement in the realm of aesthetic injections.


The Florida Nursing Board, in its previous guidance, explicitly stated on its website that the administration of Botox is not considered within the scope of practice for practical or registered nurses, and therefore, it does not fall under the category of medication administration. However, it is important to note that back in 2015, an Administrative Law Judge made a determination stating that the Nursing Board was unable to use said statement as grounds for taking disciplinary measures against a registered nurse who administered Botox or fillers.

While it may have appeared that a registered nurse (RN) could administer Botox and filler injections under a physician’s supervision following the 2015 ruling, the Florida Board of Nursing released a declaratory statement in October 2017 stating that RNs are not authorized to administer injections of Botox and fillers. This ruling stands even if the RN has undergone certification training and is performing the injections under the guidance of a physician. It is important to note that aesthetic injections are considered beyond the scope of practice for RNs. 

While it is important to note that declaratory statements solely pertain to the particular circumstances of the registered nurse (RN) who sought such a statement, the declaratory statement issued in 2017 seemed to suggest that the Board of Nursing possessed an implicit guideline disallowing RNs from administering Botox or dermal fillers.

New Update

In response to the most recent query from a registered nurse (RN), the Florida Nursing Board took the initiative to release a new declaratory statement on the aforementioned date of July 7, 2023. The purpose of this inquiry was to seek clarification from the Board regarding the permissibility of the aforementioned RN administering Botox, provided that such administration occurs under the strict oversight of a properly licensed doctor. 

The esteemed Board has determined that the registered nurse possesses the capability to administer Botox injections while under the watchful guidance of a physician. This decision was reached based on the fact that the administration of Botox falls within the purview of the nurse’s specialized education, training, and experience. The registered nurse had consistently observed a physician and nurse practitioner engaging in the administration of aesthetic injections for a span of four years. Additionally, the nurse had dedicated twelve hours to a Continuing Medical Education (CME) course specifically focused on the field of aesthetic medicine. 

This particular finding presents a notable contrast to the previous findings made by the Board in relation to aesthetic injections. It appears to indicate a growing willingness to consider granting registered nurses the opportunity to administer aesthetic injections after receiving adequate training under a doctor’s supervision.

We shall persist in closely observing this unfolding situation and furnish subsequent communications to the Florida Board of Nursing, thereby offering elucidation on this matter. 

Final Thoughts

It would be advisable to consider reaching out to the Florida Nursing Board for the most accurate and current information. If you are interested in finding the contact information for Florida Nursing Board, you can visit the following website:

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