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TMJ Pain: Botox For TMJ Could Be The Best Thing Ever For Pain Relief

 TMJ Pain Botox For TMJ Could Be The Best Thing Ever For Pain Relief

Stress is a very real part of most of our lives. That stress can lead to stiffness in the jaws, shoulders and upper back that could be related to the jaw condition TMJ disorder. Other muscular issues can be part of the equation too – including teeth clenching and grinding. If you wake up with a sore jaw or other head pain, it could be TMJ disorder.

Pain can range from mild to unbearable. Patients often try a range of unsuccessful treatments that may include medication, jawline massage, gua sha, microcurrent facials, herbal teas, relaxation exercises and much more. For some, the situation can become desperate.

But can Botox help? Keep reading for some quick FAQs:

What is TMJ?

TMJ disorder – also called TMD – is a condition that impacts the temporomandibular joint, or where the jaw connects to the skull. Symptoms of TMJ disorder include pain during the day or night, problems chewing, popping or clicking of the jaw and, in extreme cases, locking of the jaw.

How does Botox for TMJ work?

Botox relaxes the masseter or jaw muscle in people with TMJ disorder, decreasing the stress that the jaw joint experiences and providing relief to many patients. Relief can begin in days and last for several months.

How do you know if Botox for TMJ is the right choice?

Anyone who experiences TMJ symptoms may be a candidate for Botox injections, according to experts. Treatments take only minutes to administer, have a relatively moderate cost and usually don’t cause any downside if they’re ineffective.

How much does Botox for TMJ cost?

The price of neuromodulator injections for TMD pain varies widely by provider. Treatments cost more in some large cities than in smaller cities, and some high-end clinics or dental offices charge more than others. A ballpark figure is $1,500 for a treatment of 25 units per side.

How often is TMD Botox necessary?

Whether used for cosmetic or medical purposes, Botox injections usually last from 3 months to perhaps as long as a year or two. After repeated treatments, muscles may weaken and require less frequent or lower-dose treatments in the future.

Where can I get Botox for TMJ pain?

The most important thing to remember is to choose a qualified injector. The key is that the injector must have good training from a respected Botox certification program. The provider might be a general practice doctor, a dentist or even a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, if allowed. States each have their own rules about who can administer Botox, and not all providers offer Botox for jaw pain relief.

What else should I know about Botox for jaw pain?

There are a few other things to keep in mind regarding jaw pain Botox injections. First, treatment on both sides is necessary even if pain is only on one side to maintain muscle balance and prevent problems with teeth alignment and chewing. Also, most providers recommend avoiding facials and other forms of facial massage for at least a day after treatment to prevent the Botox from spreading to areas where it isn’t needed.

Some TMD sufferers report that Botox is the only treatment that has ever worked for them, providing months of relief from debilitating pain. It’s important to remember that injections work best and have the lowest potential for side effects when administered properly.

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