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Botox For Essential Tremor: Minimal Side Effects When Done Precisely

While essential tremor (ET) is a neurological condition that can cause a patient’s hands, head, voice, trunk or legs to shake in a rhythmic manner, when people speak of ET they often mean only shaky hands. The condition is confused with Parkinson’s disease, but it isn’t necessarily accompanied by any other symptoms.

ET is perhaps the most common of all movement disorders and a good candidate for treatment with Onabot-A, which is often called by its brand name, Botox. Treatment with Botox for essential tremor can provide excellent symptom relief, and weakness can be avoided with careful choice of which muscles to treat.

More About Botox For Essential Tremor

Several studies have been conducted regarding the use of Botox for ET. A study of 34 patients in 1991 was the first to report effectiveness. In that project, 67 percent of patients saw improvement in hand tremors, but 60 percent experienced weakness in arm flexors and extensors caused by the injections. When the researchers eliminated injection into the extensor muscles, weakness was reduced but tremor was still controlled just as well. Other research confirmed the positive results.

Studies have repeatedly shown that results are good, but hand weakness is possible when dosage or muscle selection isn’t perfect. Some patients have even withdrawn from research studies because of an unacceptable level of hand weakness. But the most recent research has shown that the problem can be minimized when the injector carefully chooses on an individual basis which muscles to treat.

Reduce Tremors And Improve Lives

Reducing tremors can eliminate the social stigma of ET and improve function, but there is a significant risk of hand weakness. To learn to inject Botox properly for minimal side effects, reach out to Dentox for in person, online and on demand training in medical and aesthetic uses of injectables. When you know the best techniques, you can make the most difference in patient lives and in your practice’s bottom line.

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