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What You Learn During On-Demand Botox Training From Dentox

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It’s among the first questions prospective enrollees ask: What do I learn from the Dentox on-demand Botox training course? And the answer is simple: Everything you need to know for success in injectables.

That includes how to perform injections safely, effectively and for maximum benefit plus how to reach people who want your new services. Now, let’s talk specifics.

No Fluff Or Time-Wasting

The difference between our on-demand injectables training and our other programs is that you can watch Botox training anytime and learn the basics. Even better, you learn hands-on using an innovative model labeling system that we created.

Your training includes the most effective and desirable aesthetic Botox treatments for the face, neck and head as well as training on therapeutic Botox for TMD, migraines and other conditions. The training on aesthetic Botox teaches you to satisfy patients who want treatment for:

  • bunny lines on and around their nose
  • crow’s feet around their eyes
  • glabellar or horizontal forehead lines
  • gummy smiles where too much of the front teeth show
  • mentalis issues with the lower lip
  • frown lines
  • and more.

The constantly improving, always up-to-date course is essential for training that satisfies your patients. Product usages and injection techniques change and evolve, and Dentox always keeps up or takes the lead. We don’t fall behind, and we won’t let you learn outdated or disproven methods. We help you make smart treatment decisions that take into account your patients’ goals, issues and concerns.

What’s more, we discuss:

  • Recommended and not recommended off-label uses for Botox
  • How to avoid side effects and undesired outcomes
  • How to fix your mistakes as well as bad injections made by others
  • And how to speak with potential patients to put them at ease.

Valuable Marketing Advice

You don’t just learn how to do Botox in this on-demand Botox course. You also learn how to use it to stabilize your practice, boost your income and enhance your career. We provide a section of training on proven techniques to bring in new patients you would have never had otherwise.

Because we understand how valuable time is, we don’t include marketing theory or try to teach you a course on advertising. Instead, we cut to the meat of the matter by explaining how to reach patients that have disposable income available so they can and will pay and are even eager to do so.

How can we be sure these techniques work? Dr. Howard Katz, the founder of Dentox and our primary instructor, has been in practice for more than 30 years and has many years experience teaching injectables. He has developed and refined his methods over these years based on what works in his practice and what his students have told him works and doesn’t work.

There are other courses that give you valuable skills and even teach you how to use them, but the Dentox on-demand Botox training course is different because we explain how to keep upfront costs very low – since supplies and marketing are inexpensive and you don’t need to keep a large quantity of Botox on hand.

Now’s The Time

If you’ve been trying to fit Botox training into your schedule, now’s the time to move forward. It has never been more convenient. For one low fee, get 60 days of access to our on-demand training materials. Plus, our course includes an innovative new manikin and label system you can use to practice and prove mastery at the end of the course. And a live online question and answer session with Dr. Katz is included.

There’s no better instructor. The convenience is unmatched. You’ll benefit from the skills. Now’s the time to sign up for Botox training you can watch anytime.

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