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Botox For Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesias: Careful Injections May Get Results

Botox For Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesias: Careful Injections May Get Results

An astounding 45 to 85 percent of people with Parkinson’s disease experience dyskinesias – erratic, involuntary and writhing motions of the face, trunk, legs or arms – that aren’t caused by PD but by the medications that treat other symptoms. Botox for dyskinesias is not well-studied, but it can help with some of the symptoms that people with this condition have.

Dyskinesias happen as a side effect of levodopa, and symptoms can often be reduced if medication dosage is reduced. In addition, other medications can be added to partially control the symptoms, but the condition is stubborn and often goes without successful treatment.

More on Botox For Dyskinesias With PD

Research into Botox for dyskinesias has been insufficient, according to experts, to prove that injections can have the desired effect of reducing or eliminating symptoms. Still, Botox has been used successfully in patients with conditions like pain-producing foot dystonia, blepharospasm and JC-OMD, so it makes sense that Botox could help with dyskinesias as well. The key is limiting dosage to prevent muscle weakness and getting the injections into the precise location to do the most good.

Another PD symptom, freezing of gait, is often unresponsive to dopaminergic therapy, but Botox injections have been shown to have some impact on it. Benefit was inconsistent, however. This related muscle disorder is often seen in conjunction with levodopa-induced dyskinesias.

Offer New Solutions… And Hope

Patients with PD experience a range of symptoms, and their lives are better when some symptoms can be controlled. Skillfully injected Botox can help. Train with Dentox to learn medical uses as well as cosmetic uses of injectables – and learn to offer solutions to patients who can’t find them elsewhere. Reach out or sign up now for an in person, online or on demand Dentox class – and help patients while you help your practice grow in revenue in reputation.

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