Botox For Rest Tremor: Another Alternative For This Parkinson’s Symptom

Botox For Rest Tremor: Another Alternative For This Parkinson’s Symptom

Rest tremor is a Parkinson’s disease (PD) symptom that happens when muscles of the hands, arms or legs are relaxed. In many cases, the fingers or hands are the only parts of the body impacted. The condition is associated with altered activity in two brain circuits: the basal ganglia, which are impacted by the depleted dopamine levels associated with PD, and the cerebello-thalamo-cortical circuit.

Botox for rest tremor is an alternative to medications that may or may not work. This condition is a stubborn sign of PD that often doesn’t respond to treatment, so patients may have to try more than one approach to see symptom reduction.

More About Botox For Rest Tremor In PD

The standard for treating rest tremors is levodopa, a medication that is converted in the body to dopamine to reduce PD symptoms. The effectiveness of Botox for rest tremor isn’t well-proven by published data, but a few studies have suggested that injections of Onabot-A, sold under the name Botox, or Incobot-A, a similar product sold under the name Xeomin, can help.

The method of treating with Botox for resting hand and arm tremors involves injecting the product into the forearm muscles. Finger and hand weakness with this treatment is common, however. Improvement may only be modest and may not be good enough to tolerate the weakness in some cases. A study of 34 patients indicated that Xeomin for rest tremor may provide the greatest symptom relief with the lowest level of unintended consequences.

Offer Patients More Hope

Rest tremors are among the most obvious symptoms of PD and often occur early in the disease’s progress. When you train at Dentox, you learn about both medical and cosmetic uses of Botox to help patients get the results they need. Reach out now or sign up for Dentox injectables training – and get the skills to give patients additional hope while also increasing your practice’s profits.

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