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Will At-Home Conotoxin Products Replace Botox Injections

Will At-Home Conotoxin Products Replace Botox Injections

Conotoxins – or cone snail venom products, as they are also called – are starting to get attention as a potential at-home replacements for Botox. But can these creams and serums really have the same impact as professionally injected Botox shots? We’re skeptical. Still, conotoxins are a development in the aethestics industry that bears watching.

American consumers are willing to go to extremes to fight wrinkles and have younger, more toned skin. But what about snail venom? If a product exists that can mimic the positive impact of Botox but can be used at home with no medical or aesthetics office visit necessary, it could be a game-changer. So far, however, conotoxin products haven’t taken the world by storm – and consumers aren’t exactly clamoring to get them.

What Are Conotoxins?

Some are calling conotoxins the secret Botox alternative because many people haven’t heard about them yet. Also referred to as MU-conotoxin, conopeptide or snail venom, conotoxins are synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of the venom from a specific type of snail to relax facial muscles. The result is an instant but temporary smoothing of lines and wrinkles.

Snails are not harvested to make products that contain conotoxins, so no creatures are harmed and there’s no negative environmental impact to the southwestern shores of Australia, where cone snails are native and use their venom to paralyze enemies so they can consume them.

How Do Conotoxins Work?

Conotoxins relax away expression lines and wrinkles. A neuropeptide found in natural cone snail venom as well as the lab-created synthetic product blocks NAV1 receptors on nerve endings and therefore inhibits muscle contraction. The structures under the skin relax, making the face look less wrinkled and more youthful. Just 2 hours after topical application, wrinkles are visibly reduced, according to promoters of the limited clinical research that’s been done.

What Are The Benefits Of Cone Snail Venom?

Those who purchase over-the-counter synthetic cone snail venom products may get quick reduction in the look of deep wrinkles, crow’s feet and other lines. A 2-week study conducted by AMA Laboratories found that women who used one such product got a 64 percent reduction in visible wrinkles. Some got a reduction of 90 percent or more. That’s better than many other topical creams, and it’s better than results from 6 months of treating facial skin with retinol, according to some experts.

But it isn’t better than Botox, which can provide a dramatic reduction in wrinkles that lasts for weeks or months from just one in-office treatment. Botox is also specifically targeted by experienced injectors to the sites that can do the most good rather than used at home by someone who may not be trained in how to get the most from the product. When combined with dermal fillers to reduce the creases left by deep, longstanding wrinkles, Botox results can be even more remarkable.

Not much is known about the long-term benefits of conotoxins or potential cumulative side effects. There are no proven long-term benefits, however it may work to train muscles over time to relax. This benefit is also possible with repeated use of Botox.

So what should a patient with facial wrinkles and lines do? The best bet is the aesthetic treatment proven through years of research and used by millions of patients. To reduce the signs of aging, turn to Botox.

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