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Clinical Pearls – Botox & Fillers Training Videos Part 7

This blog post is the next installation of a multi-part series of articles exploring the hidden gems of Dentox’s YouTube channel. Each article briefly explores a pair of videos in each of which Dr. Howard Katz shares his famous tips and tricks. These are the same tidbits of professional insider knowledge that put Dentox courses at the head of the pack in medical aesthetics education.

A lot has been written about the entrepreneurial spirit, and what sets folks who build businesses apart from the rest of us. One key component is time spent working in their field. To gain genius-level knowledge of your craft, you need to work long hours for years, and that takes passion. It is a snapshot of this brilliance through experience that you get when you ask Dr. Katz to talk a little bit about the ins and outs of facial aesthetics and his long track record of prosperity in the business.

In every causal aside, Dr. Katz seems effortlessly to remark on key components to a successful practice in medical aesthetics. Have a look at today’s hidden gems to see what we mean.

Prevent side effects around the eyes

In this first YouTube Dentox hidden gem, Dr. Katz shares a key tip about the necessity of assessing the borders of the orbital rim to decrease the most common Botox side-effect (after mild bruising) when injecting Botox around the eyes. The solution is deceptively simple and elegant, but certainly comes from years of practice.

We hope it comes in handy for all of our past and future course participants.

How to save 30 years in one minute

One of the most frequently talked about parts of the face in this YouTube series has been the forehead. In previous videos, Dr. Katz has covered the importance of fully understanding the relationship between muscles, particularly in the forehead, to maximize the efficacy of treatments.

In this next installation, we take a look at best practices for the placement of Botox injections to the forehead for maximum effect and to minimize side-effects. The topic can be complex, as every patient is different, but Dr. Katz boils it down to a straightforward heuristic ready for implementation.

It’s great not to have to spend 30 years in professional practice to deliver the very best in cutting-edge facial aesthetics procedures. Take a look for yourself, and let us know if you found the information useful. We’re certain that you’ll see here and in the next installments why Dentox training courses receive consistent 5-star feedback.

We’re proud to share our expert knowledge with a wider audience on a platform like YouTube. If you liked this video, you can check out one of our many other “genius minute” and testimonial videos or you can simply check back in here when we share our next hidden gem!

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