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Leading Dentox Injectables Course Comes To Boston Soon!

Here’s some very positive news that could help you advance your career and expand your practice: The proven, powerful Dentox injectables course will be available soon in Boston, giving Massachusetts dentists and doctors the chance to learn from the innovator who created Botox and dermal filler training. And you can train conveniently in the Boston area without having to travel out of state.

Lots of details are coming your way, but you can skip down and see the dates and times if you like. Or stay for the whole post and find out about Dentox and our Botox and dermal filler training.

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This daylong seminar is a unique learning opportunity that isn’t offered in Boston often, so please don’t miss this upcoming chance. You get Botox training, dermal filler training and more – plenty to help you create a lucrative medical aesthetics practice or create a big sideline in injectables at your dental or physician’s office.

Understand PRP By Learning From A Leader

For most of our seminar participants, the most exciting and enticing opportunity we provide in our Dentox one-day training on Botox and dermal fillers is the new module on PRP – or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy. This remarkable therapy is gaining acceptance and popularity around the world – so much so that your clients may already be asking for it. To avoid being left behind, get in on it now.

As well as being a smart way to plump lines and reduce other signs of aging with a lower cost than dermal fillers, PRP also has therapeutic uses as a way to help patients who have had surgery or an injury recover better and faster.

Here’s how PRP works: In your office using a PRP centrifuge – the only major expense involved in this therapy – your patient’s own blood is refined into an injectable that can be used in a way similar to some dermal fillers and also to speed and improve healing. It can even effectively speed bone regeneration. Without parallel as a healing tool and less expensive for you and your patient than dermal fillers, there’s also no risk of allergies.

Since PRP injection is new, there aren’t very many places you can learn it. The Dentox Boston Botox and injectables training, however, includes a special module on PRP that provides all the details you need to start providing PRP in your office right away.

And that’s just one thing you’ll learn in this seminar. But before we talk about more specifics, let’s get to the schedule.

Hands-On Boston Botox And Injectables Training Schedule

Signing up for our Botox training and dermal filler training in Boston means you’re selecting a one-day course that’s totally comprehensive yet stripped down to only the essentials. We follow this strict schedule:

8 am to 11 am: The primary training in Botox and related products
11 am to 1 pm: Practicing what you’ve learned and proving mastery
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm: Dermal Filler Training and the exclusive DentoX Lift Training
3:30 pm to 5:30 pm: PRP Training and Additional Hands-On Practice

Remember, every module of this daylong event is a mini-seminar, then a hands-on, fully practical session follows at the end. All sections are instructed and led by Dr. Howard Katz, an innovator who created Botox training and PRP training and has been a leader in related fields for years.

Going In-Depth Details On What You Will Learn

When you make the lucrative and intelligent decision to take Botox, dermal filler and PRP therapy training in Boston from Dentox, you’re choosing to learn from our lead trainer, Dr. Katz, and benefit from his years of expertise.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered during this one-day seminar:

• Patient consultation and assessment to make sure they are adequate candidates for Botox, dermal fillers or PRP therapy and understand what to expect
• Indications and contraindications for all injectable products covered
• Safety issues and concerns associated with injectable products and procedures
• Increasing tissue volume with Botox and fillers for desired effect and minimal side effects
• Lip enhancement for improving and restoring the look of natural, youthful lips
• Reduction of smoker lines with cosmetic injectables
• Precise treatment depth and the best sites for the most cosmetic improvement
• Overall appearance enhancement with the remarkable DentoX LIFT sedation-free facelift
• Use of Botox for teeth grinding, jaw issues and other facial and mouth issues
• Avoiding of reactions and what to do if they happen
• Smart fee structures for this new aspect of your practice
• Correct forms for getting started with patient treatment quickly
• Securing liability malpractice insurance that covers injectables
• Marketing your newfound skills for practice-building and patient acquiring
• And so much more – a full day of training.

About Instructor Dr. Howard Katz

Rather than sticking you with just any injectables instructor who can fly to Boston, we give you our founder – the founder of Botox training. Every Dentox seminar – including the upcoming one in Boston – is led by Dr. Howard Katz, an innovator, researcher, medical professional and respected name in his field.

Dr. Katz brings with him a track record in this industry that dates to the beginning of Botox and injectables availability – and even before. As a matter of fact, his name appears on the patent application for Botox as a researcher. He’s been working with and examining the product since before its introduction. Plus, he’s a practicing dentist who uses Botox daily. After all, no one knows more about facial anatomy than a dentist.

Additionally, he’s spoken across the globe on injectables and Botox, researched a number of products now on the market and has been honored many times for working tirelessly to make injectables safe and accepted. But the skills you’ll learn and Dr. Katz’s talents aren’t all that make this training in Boston so unique.

Continuing Education Credit You Need

Choosing to train with Dentox in Boston means you get 10 hours of continuing education credit for a course you can actually use to benefit your practice and help secure your future. But you get more than just the credit hours for coming to the course.

Receive 8 more hours of CE credit by reviewing online materials that will be provided to you in advance. This includes refreshers as well as videos that delve deeper into injectables than we can manage in a single-day course. All this bonus info – plus the CE credit you get for it – makes the Dentox Botox and fillers class the most valuable available.

Come Join Us For Botox Training In Boston

We recommend that you get to the training venue early, if possible, so you can interact with your peers who will be taking the course alongside you. Each person there will also be investing in their future by taking Botox and dermal filler training from Dentox in Boston. Then stay late if you can for more discussions, connections and planning.

For upcoming dates and locations, got to

When you choose filler and Botox injectables training from Dr. Katz in Boston, you’re choosing longstanding, respected, effective training in a location that’s convenient to all of Massachusetts and beyond. Boston area doctors, dentists and other medical pros are welcome to take this class, get ahead and move forward with a successful new sideline – or start a medical aesthetics clinics.

It’s time to take this important career step and change the future of your practice in just one day. Get training that you already know you need from the originator of Botox training while he’s available in a location that’s convenient for you. Sign up now – and take advantage of this unique opportunity that’s coming your way soon.

For more information about the Boston Injectables Program, call 858-550-9533, or visit our Botox Training Boston Course Page.

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