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Forget The Fluff: Concise On-Demand Botox Training Cuts Right To The Point

We’d like to answer a question commonly asked of us: What do enrollees learn from your on-demand Botox training program? Without sounding flippant, coy or condescending, the answer is a simple one, and after we state it we’ll add a bit more detail: You learn what you need to know for success in injectables.

Put another way, we teach you how to perform safe and effective injections as well as how to deal with unintended consequences. We also show you how to reach new clients with your expanded services. And we do it all without wasting your time or money.

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Botox Training Without Fluff Or Wasted Time

Our on-demand Botox training is different from other programs because you learn hands-on using an innovative system that we created – and you learn whenever and wherever you want. There’s no more waiting for a training date to arrive or traveling to a distant locale just so you can benefit from the best teacher. We bring our founder, lead trainer and Botox training originator Dr. Howard Katz to you via prerecorded seminar modules that you can watch on your schedule over a 60-day period.

This simplified, no-fluff training shows you how to perform the most requested, most effective and most desirable Botox treatment for the face, hands and neck plus Botox for medical conditions including migraines, TMD and more. Specifically, you’ll learn how to reduce or eliminate:

• lines around the nose
• lines around the eyes
• horizontal forehead lines
• lower lip mentalis issues
• frown lines
• gummy smiles
• and much more.

We’re always updating and improving this course to make sure it reflects the latest understandings and guidance. As product usage recommendations change and best practices evolve, so do we. We also provide training on off-label uses for Botox, side effects, undesirable outcomes, fixing mistakes you make or that were made by other providers and ways to speak with patients to help them understand injectables and feel at ease.

Unparalleled Marketing Information

In our on-demand Botox course, we go beyond the basics to provide marketing information so you can sell your services, reaching people who want what you can provide. You can use Botox to provide stability to your practice, enhance your income or give your career a much-needed boost. One section of our training program is devoted to bringing in people who might have never come to your practice if you didn’t offer injectables.

We realize that your time is more valuable than ever before, so we don’t focus on marketing theory or offer you a class in Advertising 101. We instead cut right to the heart of the matter and explain real-world techniques for bringing in high disposable-income patients who will be eager to pay for your services.

We know these techniques represent sound advice because Dr. Katz has used and taught this advice for years. What works for him and his other students will surely work for you too.

Other courses may do a decent job of laying down the basics, but Dentox has the most experience and can therefore offer you the most proven, soundest advice about using your skills. We even tell you how to keep costs low and scale up as you go – to prevent any unnecessary outlays.

It’s Time To Catch Up

Your colleagues probably already offer Botox. There may be other doctors, dentists and nurses offering Botox on your street and certainly across your city. Why not get your share of this lucrative business? On-demand Botox training from Dentox is easy to fit into your schedule, gives you 60 days of unlimited course access and more. Plus, our innovative label-and-manikin system and live Q&A session with Dr. Katz are among exclusives that set us apart.

No instructor is better. No training method is better. No course is more complete or efficient. And there’s no time like the present. Sign up for on-demand Botox training now – and catch up with a great new skill set.

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