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Hands-On, On-Demand Dermal Filler Training: It’s Possible, And It’s Available Right Now

Two things make Dentox’s on-demand dermal filler training an excellent choice for gaining new skills and fulfilling continuing education requirements: First, when you take this watch-anytime injectables training, your instructor is Dr. Howard Katz, the founder of Dentox and a world-renown leader in dermal filler training. Second, the training is hands-on distance education, thanks to our innovative training kit.

When you choose this program, you get 60 days of access to prerecorded training seminar modules from Dr. Katz. Plus, you get a kit that includes a manikin and stickers that aid in muscle understanding and injection techniques. Once your learning is complete, you participate in a live Q&A session with Dr. Katz to ask any questions you may have. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Dr. Katz teaching fillers online

Why Dr. Howard Katz Is The Right Trainer

If you do your homework before enrolling in this on-demand dermal filler training, you’ll see that Dr. Howard Katz has a deep and wide history with injectables. He has industry experience that goes back before these products were even on the market and has worked in a clinical setting for more than three decades. It would not be exaggerating or bragging for him to say that he’s more experienced than any other dermal fillers instructor.

Dr. Katz is also more available than just about any other injectables instructor. Attendees and former students of his classes – even his on-demand dermal filler training – form a bond with him and always have access to him. That starts when you ask your questions and get any answers you need during the informal online Q&A session that’s part of your training. If you need support after your certification, you can send patient photos and questions to Dr. Katz for a response within a day about how to best treat the patient.

When you get your certificate from this watch-anytime training program, it will have Dr. Katz’s signature on it – and that means something. You gain authority and credibility from being associated with him.

But How Can It Be Hands-On?

We teach practical, useful information that training participants can put to work right away – instead of a class about theory – and we teach hands-on. But how is it possible to learn hands-on from a trainer who isn’t in the room with you? The key is our unique, carefully designed training kit, which we send to class enrollees immediately after you sign up.

The kit focuses on a foam manikin head and a set of custom, color-coded labels that represent injection locations and depths. As Dr. Katz teaches you about each injection site, you apply the correct sticker in the correct location, then press needles into those locations to simulate real injections. The stickers provide resistance similar to skin and mimic the way skin responds. Once complete, the manikin becomes a reference tool you can use as a reminder and visual guide for injection techniques.

How do you prove comprehension after completing our on-demand dermal filler training? You simply send a photo of yourself with your completed training kit to Dr. Katz for review. Once he’s satisfied with your comprehension and all your questions are answered, we issue your signed certificate.

Serving You Wherever You Are

Now is the perfect time for on-demand dermal filler training – with no travel, no in-person meetings and no trouble cramming the training into your fixed schedule. As longtime providers of in-person training and teleconference training as well, we understand how to teach and reach you with the instruction we provide.

On-demand dermal filler training makes it easier and more convenient to learn injectables than ever before – and learn them from America’s most prominent dermal fillers instructor. Train with Dentox for a superior course, instructor and method of learning at a price that’s lower than expected. How perfect. Contact us with your questions or sign up now for your new skills.

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