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On-Demand Dermal Filler Training: 7 Ways It’s Superior To Training In Person

In-person training was once considered better than livestreaming or on-demand training, but that time is long past. It’s inaccurate and outdated to believe that in-person training is superior to learning remotely. On-demand dermal filler training from Dentox is more affordable, more convenient and less susceptible to outside factors like illness and facility problems than any other way to train.

learning dermal fillers online

Today, Dentox is focusing on on-demand dermal filler training because it makes so much sense. Sure, in-person training has a place in the world, but it isn’t always practical or even possible. When you choose our watch-anytime training that you have a full 60-days to complete, you benefit from these 7 ways that it’s better than in-person training:

  1. No travel. The best trainers don’t have time to visit every city, so you often have to travel to be taught by them. While our founder and trainer Dr. Howard Katz has taught across the United States and lectured around the world, the Dentox on-demand dermal filler training program allows you to benefit from his years of expertise from your home, office or wherever you happen to be.
  2. Schedule-friendly. There’s no reason to rearrange your schedule to accommodate our on-demand dermal filler training. When you sign up, you get 60 days of access during which you can watch in short bursts when you a moment or in long chunks to get it all done. You can watch over and over too. You can even enlist colleagues, family and friends to watch with you so they can help with your learning process.
  3. Consistent quality. Watch-anytime video training in injectables means every student gets the best training – the same quality as others who have taken the course. If Dr. Katz isn’t pleased with how he presented a particular section, he deletes it and performs it again. Plus, there’s no worry that the room is hot, cold, loud or uncomfortable. The surroundings are up to you.
  4. Up-to-date. Dr. Katz is deeply committed to providing training in the latest techniques. If a section of our on-demand dermal filler training goes out of date, he replaces it with a new one. When you train with other companies or watch YouTube videos or DVDs, the techniques and issues presented may be grossly outdated.
  5. Inexpensive. Because we don’t have to travel or rent meeting facilities, our on-demand dermal filler class is our most affordable option. You don’t have to worry about the expense of travel either. Still, you get the same quality of instruction as you would training in person. It’s even hands-on, thanks to our innovative training kit that we send as soon as you enroll.
  6. Independent study. You’re probably not at the point in your life where you need to be told when and how to train or study. If the years of advanced education you received to become a nurse, doctor or dentist mean you no longer want to sit in a room with others and have someone lecture to you, the independent aspect of on-demand dermal filler training might be for you.
  7. Carefully made. Dr. Katz is careful in preparing all of his training programs, but even more care goes into watch-anytime training. He’s a humorous but concise man, and he doesn’t waste any time with this course – since you can rewind to repeat anything you don’t understand at first. These are among the reasons he’s the nation’s leader in filler training.

Have it your way when you select on-demand dermal filler training from Dentox. Register now for high-quality education that fits any schedule. It’s training that makes sense in today’s world and will make sense for you.

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