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Go Farther, Serve Better With Botox Training For Dentists In New York

injecting botox in class settingWhen you choose Botox training for dentists in New York from Dentox, you’re taking a big step forward toward better serving your clients and generating better revenues for your practice. With this training, you’re opening the door to serving and earning from clients who might not have come to your practice otherwise. This can help save a declining practice, shore up a struggling one or further expand a dental office that’s already doing just fine. Botox training from Dr. Howard Katz is proven to do these things and more.

But what can a dentist do with Botox training? Really, quite a bit. In fact, your dental office can benefit immediately in these 4 ways:

  1. Providing lucrative Botox. As a dentist trained in Botox, you’re allowed to provide clients with injectable Botox for both cosmetic uses and for therapy purposes, including the relief of symptoms from facial pain, TMJ disorder, migraines and sialorrhea. You’re allowed to work on smile esthetics including asymmetry and gummy smiles as well.
  2. Offering the remarkable DentoX Lift. Taught exclusively by Dentox, this LIFT program is intra-oral and supra-periosteal, providing the look of a facelift without surgery or downtime for the patient. Our Botox training for dentists in New York teaches this procedure that you can offer to your patients right away. When performed to our specifications, you can serve your patients by enhancing dentofacial support, improving the proportions and symmetry of their lips and more.
  3. Injecting cutting-edge PRP biofiller. Injections of platelet-rich plasma are less expensive than dermal filler injections and provide excellent results that don’t cause allergic reactions. Additionally, PRP injections into surgery and injury sites can aid in healing. With a small upfront investment, you can serve your patients in a way unavailable not long ago – and profit big.
  4. Creating a full-scale medical esthetics clinic. Dentists who have completed Botox training for dentists in New York can choose to serve clients by operating a full medical esthetics facility built around dermal fillers and Botox. Make it your primary business or add it to your dental practice for additional success and a lucrative new way to serve and profit from your clients.

About The Dentox Training Program

Taking Botox training for dentists in New York from Dr. Katz means learning some important skills that can help you serve your clients better and expand the bounds of your practice to new areas. You already know more about the face and head that many doctors, and we provide you with specific skills in:

Botox injection. With Dentox training, you can improve the way your patients look and feel. And in many cases, you can help with medical problems and pain. We teach both cosmetic Botox and therapeutic Botox for relieving migraines, depression, TMJ disorder and more. You can relax tight chewing muscles to relieve blood and nerve compression as well – making a real difference in the health and life of your patients.

Dermal filler injections. While we often refer to the course as Botox training for dentists in New York, we include details on more than just Botox injections. We include wide-ranging dermal filler training that can help you improve weak jawlines, plump lips and more. Our training focuses on Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma and PRP injections. And just as we do with the Botox component of our training, we teach you how to inject hands-on using head models and real people.

PRP injection. Injecting platelet-rich plasma for healing or as an alternative to fillers is a relatively new addition to our training seminars. Now, you can refine PRP from a patient’s own blood at your dental office or clinic, creating a product that won’t cause allergic reactions and that’s much less expensive than other dermal fillers. Plus, you can inject PRP at surgery and injury sites to help with healing. Taking Botox training in New York from Dr. Katz means you could be among the first dentists in your area to offer PRP.

The DentoX Lift. Exclusive to Dentox training and developed by Dr. Katz, the DentoX Lift is a nonsurgical alternative to a facelift that allows you to offer your patients a minimally invasive way to look better. You can perform the procedure in about 30 minutes, making it a highly profitable way to serve your clients. Their jawbone, cheekbones and chin can look better in minutes with intraoral injections performed in a special way with specialized tools. Results are visible right away and can last up to 2 years. Plus, there’s no discomfort and there’s no downtime for the patient.

Learn To Benefit And Serve With Botox Training

To make sure you have the business skills to take advantage of the injection skills learned in your Botox training for dentists in New York, Dr. Katz also teaches you marketing skills that will allow you get the most possible revenue from your existing clients while bringing in new ones. The result can be a lucrative addition to your practice or a new way of doing business – all the while serving your patients in new and better ways.

In addition, the seminar provides you with 10 hours continuing education credit and free access to online follow-ups that can get you 8 more hours of credit. A staff member can attend with you as your model to further expand the knowledge available within your practice. We also provide you with form templates, patient instructions and other documents you can start using immediately.

Serve your patients in a new way and boost your bottom line with Botox training for dentists in New York. What could be better for you and your patients?

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