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July Recap – Botox Aesthetics Workshops Online

We know that students have a choice in aesthetics workshops for continuing education credit and to enhance their practices. And we can see from the many positive comments and reviews we get from students that they really enjoy taking classes from Dr. Howard Katz and really benefit from the information he provides to them.

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Comments Abound

We would never betray students’ trust by quoting their exact comments here, but we can tell you some of the things they most often comment about based on what we’ve heard from the most recent batches of students. This feedback includes positive comments about:

The quality of the instructor. Our lead instructor Dr. Howard Katz is a leading innovator in the use of Botox and similar products for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. His name is on the Botox patent application, and he’s been involved in helping people and teaching students from more than 35 years. As the very best in his field, students often comment that turning to someone else would be like turning to an imitator or a Johnny-come-lately rather than the original source.

The fact that the training is available online. There’s no better way to learn in today’s world than to learn online. That’s because there’s no travel involved, yet modern technology means there’s still a high level of interaction. The instructor can answer questions about the materials just as if he was in the same room with each student, something that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.

How we offer hands-on training. Those who haven’t yet experienced our aesthetic Botox workshops may not understand how an Internet class can be hands-on, but students like the innovative teaching methods we use involving models and photos to make sure that every concept is mastered before we issue a Botox training certificate.

The quality of the techniques we teach. Some students have others in their practices or among their friends who have been trained in cosmetic Botox by other instructors. When discussing their techniques, our students often find that they have superior understanding and better skills than their colleagues — even if their colleagues only trained a few months ago. That’s because we’re the innovators in many cases, and we have the best knowledge about the best protocols first.


A Simple Process

Perhaps we get the most positive comments from previous students about the ease of participating in one of our aesthetic Botox classes. We promote the process as a simple five-step way to get the training that doctors, dentists and other medical professionals need to get ahead, and students often comment how simple the process actually is.

The process involves the following steps:

1. Signing up for the Botox course. That’s quick and easy online.

2. Clicking on the link in the email when the time comes. Joining the class at the appropriate time is as easy as clicking an email link. That allows students to join the online class and see everything that happens up close via their smart phone, laptop or desktop computer.

3. Watching and participating in the class. Interaction is easy since there’s a chat box available and students can also ask questions by telephone during the class. Just as if the student was in the room with the instructor, we’re always watching for questions and ready with answers.

4. Proving mastery of the material. That’s where our innovation comes in. Using models, photos and practice on their own, students can master the material and then prove mastery to us.

5. Issuing of the certification. Students get their certificate by mail, then they’re ready to complete any additional steps required in their state or local area to start providing Botox and other related services to clients.

When students work with us, they have positive feelings about learning Botox and they so often share that positivity with us, making the processing rewarding for us as well.


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