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August Recap – Botox® & Medical Esthetics Training Online

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Dentox offers many medical esthetics training courses throughout the year, and most of our recent classes have experienced greater attendance than ever before. That simple fact indicates that more and more medical professionals are coming to understand the importance of offering Botox® to maintaining a thriving practice.

And it means that an increasing number of doctors, dentists and others understand that there’s no more sensible idea than to take their medical esthetic / Botox® class from Dr. Howard Katz, a recognized leader in the industry and the chief trainer at Dentox.


Botox® Training Beyond Compare

We have heard from many students who have considered the competition and chosen to train with us because their research has shown what we’ve always known: there’s no better choice in hands-on online Botox® courses. In fact, we’re the creator of hands-on classes taught entirely online.

Some of the things that make us different include these facts:

We help build practices. Medical professionals with good Botox® skills lead practices that are strong and growing. Medical esthetic procedures are a great way to bring new clients into a practice and boost the bottom line, increasing the likelihood that a new practice can flourish in those crucial first few years and that an aging practice can attract the new clients it desperately needs to succeed into the future. There’s a lot of profit in offering Botox®, and that profit has seriously enhanced the bottom line of many practices.

Dr. Katz is the most qualified instructor in the world. Our lead instructor is an innovator and inventor whose name is actually included on the patent application for Botox® and other popular botulinum toxin injectables including Dysport and Xeomin. It’s impossible to find a better or more qualified instructor — or one who cares more about seeing his students succeed.

We guarantee that we teach the latest techniques. Because we’re on the cutting edge, we can make sure your skills are the best of the best as well. Our medical esthetic Botox® training course uses real products and the latest techniques that are proven to provide the very best results for your patients and the lowest chance of complications that could negatively impact your business.


Students Are Part Of Our System Forever

Here’s something great for all those students who have recently completed our online Botox® training program: they remain part of system forever and are always supported in their endeavor by Dentox.

Each student who participates in one our medical esthetics classes has access to Dr. Katz whenever they need it. All they have to do is email him with a specific case question. Within 24 hours, they will get a complete and accurate response from him. Even long after their participation in the course is over, they can still get the comforting and supportive assistance of this world-renown expert any time.

As an additional benefit, those former students who are fortunate enough to live near or visit San Diego, California can come to a free hands-on class at our location in this area anytime.

And perhaps the best benefit of taking a class with Dentox is that the class is always available for review. Past students can always go online to watch a streaming copy of their specific class — like taking the whole course again as a refresher. What else could a student need to succeed?

Even better for some students is that we’re AGD accredited and can help them meet their continuing education needs.

We’re not really surprised at all that people are increasingly turning to medical esthetic classes like our Botox® training to boost their skills and their practices’ bottom lines — and we hope you’re not surprised that they’re turning to Dentox, the best in the online Botox® training business.


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