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September Course Recap – Botox® Training Courses

Students of our online aesthetic Botox® training classes are more demanding of us than ever before, and we like it that way. In some of our recent classes taught by our lead trainer and world-renown Botox® expert Dr. Howard Katz, we’re getting more questions and more interaction than ever before. This increased interest that students are taking boosts the learning process and makes sure that we’re always on our toes.

Fortunately, we’re up to the task, thanks to Dr. Katz. You see, he essentially wrote the book on how to use Botox® for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. There’s really no more impressive teacher of this subject matter in the world.

That’s because he has more than three and a half decades of experience in aesthetics education and treating patients in private practice . He’s taught the very best in some of the best places in the world, including Spain, Holland, Germany and even Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

He has also worked to obtain five medical patients of various types and is actually mentioned by name on the patent applications for all the injectable botulinum toxin products that are on today’s market. And the list of his achievements and accomplishments goes on. For example, he’s the president of the International Association of Dentofacial Esthetics. He’s involved with the Facial Pain Association. He’s a member of the Facial Pain Association… and so much more.

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Set Apart From The Rest

In large part because of our extraordinary leader, we rise above the competition in many ways, including these important ways:

  • We teach techniques that actually help students’ practices. Excellent Botox® skills are in demand by patients these days along with other cosmetic and aesthetic skills designed to make people look better than ever before. Our past students have been able to very literally save their struggling practices by offering aesthetic services as an add-on to the services they already providing, enhancing the profit from every patient and therefore the practice bottom line.
  • We use only the very latest products and procedures. When students learn from us, they learn the latest techniques and always use the real thing. Botox® training from Dentox provides just the level of high-quality learning that they expect from an industry leader like Dr. Katz. He doesn’t disappoint in this way or in any other.
  • All training is hands on. Some may not believe that hands-on training is possible from an online Botox® course, but it absolutely is. Using an innovative process we explain to students that involves models and photos, we can verify mastery of every technique before we issue the Botox® certification that they earn from us. We make sure everyone we certify genuinely knows what he or she is doing.


Never-Ending Learning

Months and even years after a student has trained with us, they’re still part of our aesthetics Botox® training family and their learning continues. We stay with them every step of the way as they use their skills.

  • First, we offer easy access to Dr. Katz. All that a past student has to do to access Dr. Katz and his vast knowledge is send an email with a specific problem. A response will come within 24 hours.
  • Second, those who live in or visit San Diego, California are always welcome to come in for a semi-private hands-on session with us.
  • Third, the recording of the training class a student attends is always available online so they can review it and refresh their knowledge. Since these videos are available at all hours, so is the Dr. Katz’s vast knowledge.

We believe students are asking more questions than ever because they’re more interested in enhancing their skills than even before. And we’re very pleased that’s the case. It’s a great way to rise to the highest level possible.

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