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Profitable Aesthetics – Microdermabrasion

Woman Under Going Microdermabrasion TreatmentA few years ago, the only people that would have the wonderful microdermabrasion treatment would be the rich and the fabulous – people that were already famous, and already had a huge amount of help to look wonderful. Thankfully, the last few years have proved that any treatment that they can have, we can have, and now microdermabrasion is a treatment can be had by absolutely anyone. It is one of those incredibly unique treatments because it is very scientifically advanced, but does not require any surgery or anaesthetic. Could it be too good to be true? We don’t think so, and you should read on to find more about it:

What is microdermabrasion anyway?

Put very simply, having a microdermabrasion treatment is a little bit like having an instant facelift, only without any of the cost or hassle. It is in the same field as Botox and chemical peels, but without any of the pain or chemicals that they include. Believe it or not, treatments such as microdermabrasion are becoming more and more popular with men just as much as women.

Microdermabrasion is when the rough skin cells that are on your face are buffed away from the top layer of your skin. After all, the very top layer on the skin on your face is the layer that comes into contact with the sun, the wind, all of the nasty chemicals that are thrown at us during each day to day – and that is the layer that can very quickly get clogged up. By removing that layer, you can lose all of those damaged skin cells that are proving to be so unhappy on your face, and reveal instead all of the new skin that is just waiting underneath to be unmasked. That new skin will be healthier, have a more natural glow, and will instantly make you look and feel so much better.

How does microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion does not make any sense whatsoever unless you have a basic understanding of how your skin is made. It is important to know that your skin consists of two completely different layers, and they have completely different jobs. The epidermis is the layer that is on the outside, and which has to weather all of the things that a normal life throws at it. The epidermis is actually mainly made up of dead skin cells, which many people can find quite shocking. The dermis is the layer underneath, and is where all of those alive and happy skin cells are. However, going even deeper, the epidermis has one very top layer which is the layer of skin that we put moisturiser and sun cream in, and that is called the stratum corneum.

When you have a microdermabrasion treatment, it is the stratum corneum that is affected by it. That means that you do not have to worry about the deep layers of your skin being damaged, because it will only be the very outside layer. That means that the full technical name of the microdermabrasion should actually be micro-epi-dermabrasion . . . but we think that is slightly too much of a mouthful!

What can microdermabrasion do for me?

The effects of microdermabrasion are brilliant, and they can be achieved in a very small amount of time and effort. By removing that layer of skin on the stratum corneum, the body gets confused and thinks that it is under attack. That means that it sends lots of nice lovely nutrients and fresh skin cells and collagen to your face, leaving you with a face full of healthy, totally happy skin.

But what is even better is that your skin will not only feel better, and look better – but it will actually be better! As the stratum corneum has been removed, that allows your skin to breathe well for the first time in a long time, and more oxygen means that your skin will stay healthier for longer. The new cells that are exposed will be very soft and smooth, giving your skin a chance to stay healthy. Any sun damage or fine lines will have been removed, and now when you put moisturiese or sun cream on, they will go much deeper into your skin, protecting you and nourishing you for longer. Their active ingredients will actually reach the skin that needs them.

There must be side effects to microdermabrasion, right?

Right: but those side effects will only last a very small amount of time. For the first hour after you have had the microdermabrasion treatment, your skin on your face will look and feel slightly sore and red. You may have a little bit of swelling. How long that swelling and redness lasts is entirely up to how your body copes with it, but the vast majority of people will see a huge improvement within a couple of hours.

The main effects of microdermabrasion are all positive, and if you continue to have regular microdermabrasion treatments, the positives only increase. Studies have shown that if you have repeated microdermabrasion treatments throughout the year, your skin will actually start to grow back without those blemishes that you were hoping to remove!

So what do people use to have a microdermabrasion treatment?

Salons or clinics that offer microdermabrasion treatments will use a special tool for the procedure that will ensure the process will not be too rough or intense for your skin. Out of the tool will stream tiny crystals that will gently move the dead cells away from your face. There will also be a small vacuum as part of the tool, and that will collect up the dead skins as they are removed. The vacuum will make a small amount of noise, and some people can find this a bit off-putting, but you should not let that put you off having this amazing treatment.

Microdermabrasion is a fantastic procedure that can totally revolutionise the way that a person can look and feel. Why not talk to your salon or dermatologist about how microdermabrasion can transform your life.

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