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Clinics and Pain Treatments

Clinics and Pain Treatments

You may think that living with chronic pain is impossible. That it will be hard to live a normal life. The invention of modern medicine has made great strides to solve many problems patients have and made pain clinics available to treat those issues. It is not a magic pill and does not offer a quick fix, but you may find some of the treatments valuable in dealing with chronic pain.

What is the definition of a pain clinic, exactly?

Pain clinics are designed to offer patients a way to treat their pain and improve their quality of life. They may be centered around a certain condition such as cancer or may cover various conditions. They don’t just offer one solution but work with you to develop a plan for your specific needs. You will have a whole team working on your behalf to make living with chronic pain easier.

How does a pain clinic work?

Pain clinics are all different but they have similarities in how they operate. Most often there are full-time staff available to assess patient’s needs and help them to create a plan for alleviating their chronic pain through a series of treatments. They may also have other clinicians and on hand – such as psychologists, massage therapists, and physical therapists to offer other types of treatment the patient may benefit from.

What types of treatments are available?

Every patient is different so not every treatment will work for everybody. The patient is assessed and a treatment plan is discussed, including options available that may be of benefit to the patient. Some of these treatments include:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a common treatment for pain and is very effective. Most people think of it as just exercise, but it is more than that. Keeping your muscles working and moving prevents stiffness that can cause pain. This type of therapy also includes deep muscle massage, ultrasound therapy, and aquatic therapy for those who need the physical support that water offers.

Pain Medication

Medication is often the second line of treatment if other methods are not quite as effective as intended. Many medications including anti-inflammatory drugs that can be combined with others to relieve pain, and maybe even some over-the-counter medicines are suggested. With these types of pain medications, you may also be prescribed other types of drugs to combat other issues such as antidepressants. It has been found that when treating depression, the medications used often help with pain relief as well.

Local anesthetics

Injections that dull pain around nerves and muscles can be helpful in preventing swelling, reducing pain as well. Local anesthetics can keep pain at bay for hours and help you to avoid painful walking from swollen joints. Sometimes entire sections of nerves may be treated by a local anesthetic in what is considered to be a nerve block. It can and does make a big difference.

Electrical stimulation

No, you are not undergoing electric shock treatments. You are probably envisioning a guy in a white lab coat holding electrodes and laughing hysterically. No this is not what this is. It is used to stimulate the muscles and nerve endings. A tiny device is implanted underneath the skin and sends tiny electrical impulses to the nerve fibers. It is not painful at all.

If your pain keeps you from living life to the fullest, then you should make an appointment at a pain clinic and find out if there are treatments that can help. You’re not obligated to accept anything and getting the information will help you decide if this is right or you.

Basic Information on Chemical Peels

Basic Information on Chemical Peels

As we age, our skin changes and loses some of the smoothness and elasticity it once had. If you have considered having a chemical peel to restore the look of youthful radiance, you may find this information useful. Here is some information to consider before you decide to get one.

What is a chemical peel and how is it done?

While the skin on your face may look like it is all one big surface, it is actually made up of tiny layers. The top layer is the one that is exposed to the sun, wind, and air pollutants and over time gets dry and wrinkly. What a chemical peel does is it sloughs off this top layer revealing a new, smoother layer of skin underneath. This works on your face and also on other parts of the body including the neck and hands.

The benefits offered by a chemical peel:

  • Restoring the look of healthy, youthful skin
  • Reduces the tiny lines and wrinkles around your mouth
  • Erases sun damage and some scarring will be reduced
  • Reduces freckles, age spots, a and dark patches on the skin

Who is the best choice for a chemical peel?

Chemical peels can be used by anyone but light or fair-skinned people tend to achieve the best results. Darker-skinned people may have an uneven skin tone after a peel. It depends on the skillfulness of the person administering the peel. If they are experts they will know how deep to go with it and will discuss this with you prior to the treatment.

When choosing a treatment of this type you should keep in mind realistic expectations. You will see improvement in your skin’s appearance and will look years younger. However, if you have sagging skin around your neck and deep furrow-type wrinkles it will not make these disappear. They will be decreased and less noticeable but it will not take it away.

What type of preparation is needed for a chemical peel?

Preparation starts with having an honest discussion with your dermatologist. You should go over your complete medical history, including surgeries, X-rays, medications, history of scarring as well as any allergies, etc. Discuss your expectations for this treatment and how far you want to go with it. You will probably want to bring someone along to drive you home after having your treatment done.

What will I need to do after a chemical peel?

After getting a chemical peel your skin may feel a bit dry and tight, similar to having a sunburn. You may experience redness, a little irritation, and then the skin starts to slough off a little at a time. It may crust over and make scabs that fall off after about a week. Your new skin will look bright and fresh and will require extra care when going outside for a few weeks. Stay out of direct sunlight and wear sunscreen at all times.

Online Botox Training in Los Angeles is Better Than Physical Classes

Online Botox Training in Los Angeles is Better Than Physical Classes

You may not think that online training would be better than attending a physical, in-person training class but there are several benefits to it. Is it better than attending a university, which California is so well known for? In a way, yes. Here are a couple of ways you can benefit.

You can save a lot on tuition by attending an online Botox training program. You get the same high-quality learning experience, connect with the instructor, and you’ll save money on parking permits, cafeteria meals, and vending machine snacks. You’ll be taught by the best instructor in Botox administration, Dr. Howard Katz.

An Alternative To Over-crowded Classrooms

Many colleges and universities began offering online training to relieve some of the congestion of overcrowded classrooms. You can teach just as many students and not have issues with space. It just makes more sense, especially for an important and popular topic which always brings in more people than you have room for.

You may wonder how you can receive such efficient training in an online learning environment? Well, it’s simple. You interact with the instructor by logging in on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and view the class. You can ask questions, if necessary, and have them answered in real-time through chat. You can see and hear the instructor, Dr. Katz, as though he were right in front of you. You will think and feel as though he is speaking directly to you as an individual.

Dentox training programs offer you an added bonus that you don’t get with physical classes. The ability to watch recorded lessons and go over them again and again. This benefit is available to you during the program as well as after you graduate the class. You can go back and refresh your memory whenever you like. Even years after having completed your training. The recordings are made available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for students who wish to review the class recordings.

When you attend physical classes you are often called to stand up and speak or answer a question. Many people have anxiety or are embarrassed to speak in public. Online training classes alleviate the fear of speaking in class since you can answer questions through chat, no one will embarrass you. You train, practice, and test privately in your own home and only the doctor and his assistants will see it. Many students will appreciate this benefit. It practically eliminates test anxiety altogether.

Make an informed decision and choose online Botox training in Los Angeles with Dr. Katz. You will gain new skills and learn from the leading authority on Botox in the entire world. Not everyone can make that claim. This will be the best decision you can make for the future of your practice.

Easy and Convenient Dallas Online Botox Training

Easy and Convenient Dallas Online Botox Training

The city of Dallas hosts a large portion of businesses, educational centers, and offers a variety of educational training programs. Many professionals bring their students for a workshop but a lack of space often creates a situation where everyone is jammed into a tiny meeting room or delegated to a larger space that has minimal features (no comfortable seating, nearby restrooms, or access to food or beverages. When you require a large meeting room you may sacrifice comfort to get a larger area.

Beyond that, you also need to worry about where you will park and how far you’ll have to walk to get to the location from your hotel room. Wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient to just take the courses online in the comfort of your own home? Skip the crowded meeting rooms, lack of parking availability, and hotel bills and take the training at your pace and when it is convenient for you.

The right choice for training is Dentox and the world’s foremost expert on Botox, Dr. Howard Katz.

If this sounds like a good option you should consider Dentox as your choice for online Botox training. You’ll learn from the best in the business, Dr. Howard Katz, a leading authority on Botox applications. He has years of experience as a teaching professional and has traveled the world educating students on the benefits and practical use of Botox.

What Makes The Dentox Program Different

When you enroll in the online Botox training program from Dentox, you’ll get access to the best educational resources and the chance to practice hands-on skills, something not offered in some other programs.

Dr. Katz shares his knowledge from his experiences as a doctor, educator, and world traveler making these courses available to students in a diverse area. He is the world’s leading authority on Botox and our lead instructor. Choose to learn from the best and join our other students in the best training in Botox for medical professionals. Here are a few more reasons to choose Dentox for your training program:

  • Katz offers proven, effective application techniques as well as teaching ways to bring in more patients for your practice.
  • One difference in this training program is the hands-on training portion. Many other programs do not offer anything like this. You have the opportunity to learn and then practice the skill under the instructor’s watchful eye.
  • Your instructor holds the patents on several Botox applications and is a leader in the field. You’ll learn from the best and your certification will prove it.
  • Included in your tuition fee is AGD Continuing Education credit.
  • Once you have completed the course, you’re eligible to attend refresher courses anytime at the San Diego Dentox facility to brush up your skills.

All-inclusive Dentox Training

When taking the online training for Botox at home in Dallas, you will get access to all the training materials and resources as well as in-depth instruction for how to use Botox for your patients.

Advantages to These Online Courses:

  • Individualized instruction in a one-on-one setting (you see and hear him) and you can ask questions just like in a regular classroom
  • You can go back and review your lessons anytime
  • Your practice and hands-on skill testing are done privately
  • If you have questions in the future you can email Dr. Katz and get a reply within 24 hours.

The training and skills you learn from this training program will benefit you and your practice for years to come. You owe it to your patients to provide the best services available and learn it from someone who wrote the book on Botox administration.

Chicago Students Benefit More from Online Training Programs

Chicago Students Benefit More from Online Training Programs

Is there a benefit to taking online Botox training courses in Chicago? Even though there are numerous good schools and universities in the area? Of course, a convenient method of learning is always preferable to sitting in a crowded classroom, having to park blocks away and walk to get to class and spend money on vending machines and cafeteria food. There are multiple advantages to training online instead of in-person.

Learn More With Online Training

Many universities in the Chicago area have discovered what we already know; that online training offers many benefits. That is why many now offer online classes as an alternative to traditional classroom learning.

Dentox has created a program taught by the leading expert in Botox, Dr. Howard Katz. The program offers convenience and value while letting students learn from the comfort of their own home or office. No running around juggling patients and office visits, just take time out for your lessons and go at your own pace.

You will get the same connection with the instructor that you get in a regular class. The instructor teaches by showing you examples and answering your questions in a real-time chat environment. Because of the fact that you see him and hear him, it’s like he is talking to you in your own office.

The learning doesn’t stop when class ends. Recordings of your class sessions are always available and you can review them anytime you like. When you train with us you can go over the lessons again and again if you need to solidify an aspect of the training. Every time you watch it you’ll see something you didn’t catch the last time you watched it. This is a valuable benefit for every student. This includes being able to go back months after completing the course and reviewing your classes for a refresher.

You will also have access to Dr. Katz for any questions or for advice later on. He can be reached by email to his office and will respond within 24 hours in most cases. You can use this benefit long after your course has ended. You get on-going support when you choose to train with Dentox and Dr. Katz. The benefits you get during class stay with you after class ends.

Learn More Online

Online training classes make the most sense financially and practically. Dr. Katz is the leading authority on Botox and has trained a multitude of students in its use over the years. His teaching methods are proven to produce results in a short amount of time making it even more efficient for students who don’t have a lot of time as it is.

If you are thinking of enrolling in a training program in Chicago, consider choosing Dentox for your training provider. You will receive many benefits for yourself and for your patients, including increasing your revenue with your newly acquired skill set.

Providing Botox Services For Your Patients

Providing Botox Services For Your Patients

Offering Botox treatments is a service that is in-demand in many areas. Making this service available to your patients is a great way to boost your revenue and bring in more business. Because only a small amount is needed for each patient, it is a very cost-effective treatment. Read on to learn how you can offer this service.

Botox services license or certification

Botox and Restylane, which are both botulinum toxins, can be administered by a variety of medical practitioners including physicians, cosmetic surgeons, nurses, and others. You will have to learn the specific laws regarding your state and abide by them. Make sure you consider it carefully and are prepared for making changes.

It is natural to want to add as many patients for this service as you can to increase your sales, but taking a detailed approach with every patient is a better, more efficient way of starting out. There are some spas that offer Botox through a physician, but in some states, you are required to obtain a specific license or certification to be able to administer Botox injections. Some states require a medical license to use Botox and other dermal fillers like Restylane.

MIt depends on your level of skill and experience. You may have years of experience and several degrees, but you must have the ability to reassure your patients that you are the best person for this job, otherwise they won’t feel comfortable and will probably cancel the service.  One way to feel confident in your skills and meet the state certification requirements is through a Botox training program. This will give you the skills and hands-on practice needed to develop that confident nature. Plus you’ll have the certificate to prove your knowledge.


Another point to remember is that some patients may have allergies to certain substances so you’ll need to do an extension medical history before considering them as a candidate for the procedure. You also need to advise patients about the possibility of complications and what to expect afterward. These are standard rules of practice no matter what your profession.

You also need to make sure that you stay current on the latest practices, techniques, and products. Take a few refresher courses every so on to stay informed of the latest breakthroughs. Listen to your patients and try to improve on areas that you feel need more polish. Get feedback from your patient’s, it’s a valuable tool to assess the quality of your service.

Providing a valuable service to your patients will ensure that your office is always full and you have happy patients that refer others to you.

What is Sclerotherapy and How is it Beneficial?

What is Sclerotherapy and How is it Beneficial?

Sclerotherapy is useful in treating spider veins, varicose veins, and other vein issues. It is a procedure involving injections into the vein that causes it to close off and become inactive. It does not cause any problems for any of the other body systems. This procedure is used for a variety of problems in children and adults.

Besides options like laser ablation, ultrasound, and surgery sclerotherapy is recommended very highly for treating vein issues such as spider veins and veins that are malformed and don’t function properly.

History of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy was discovered more than 150 years ago. It has been used to treat a variety of vein and blood-related issues. Over the years, equipment and techniques have improved. With the assistance of modern ultrasound and foam solutions, the accuracy in treating these issues has increased making them even more effective.

The very first instance of sclerotherapy being used was in Switzerland in 1692. The doctor administering the treatment, Zollikofer, injected an acidic solution into a vein creating a thrombus formation. The practitioner experimented with different solutions including tannins and iodine.

The Methodology of Sclerotherapy

The principle is that the vein causing the issues is injected with a solution that causes it to shrink and eventually close off. Over time it is dissolved by the body and the blood from that vein is rerouted to another fully-functioning vein. It is considered non-invasive and takes only a few minutes to complete. For the patient, that means no surgery and no recovery time.

Complications That Can Occur

While this type of treatment is safer than surgery, complications do occur from time to time, although rare. Complications and side effects may include redness, allergic reactions, hyperpigmentation,  skin necrosis, and thrombophlebitis in the treatment area.

When properly injected into the vein, there is no damage to the surrounding skin tissues from the solution. Necrosis and scarring can happen if not done correctly;y and can take months to heal completely. You may also develop tiny red vessels on the skin that will require laser treatments later.

Most often, complications occur due to an allergic reaction to the solution used in the injection. There may also be a complication due to a system issue that was not known at the time. No treatment is 100% safe and has no side-effects. With any type of procedure, there are risks involved. Talk to your doctor and share your medical history before considering this type of treatment.

Online Botox Training is More Convenient Than In-person Training

Online Botox Training is More Convenient Than In-person Training

New York is a one-stop-shop for anything and everything you have ever wanted. Did you know that you can even get online Botox training that you can do at home and avoid the crowded trips to a physical office? You’ll also be learning from one of the most respected educators in the world, Dr. Howard Katz.

Dr. Katz holds the patent application for Botox and similar dermal fillers. He is a world-renowned teacher and educator and teaches this online training course to students in New York and other cities around the world. There is no one who is better qualified than Dr. Katz.

New York offers a lot of training programs for various subjects, but you won’t find training like this.

Online Training Is Better Than Learning in a Physical Classroom

Did you know that most of the best and most respected educational institutions offer some form of online training? Many colleges and universities realize the value online courses bring to students and the convenience it offers for those unable to attend formal training classes.

Why Is That?

Most training courses taught online can be done at the convenience of the student and around their busy schedule. You have the same connection with the instructor and can ask questions to clarify information before proceeding. Distance is no barrier to learning and when you see and hear the instructor online it is just like sitting in the front row of any classroom. If you have a question during class you just type it in real-time and Dr. Katz will address it for the benefit of all the students.

Another major benefit is that if you need to, you can watch recordings of the lessons over and over until the material is crystal clear. These recordings stay online long after your course has completed but you can still access them for a refresher. Your investment in this program will serve you for years and years to come.

Since the training is done online, there is no fear of embarrassment of speaking in class. You ask questions privately, your practices are done privately, and your skill testing is done privately with photo evidence to prove your mastering of the skill. You never have to stand up in class or raise your hand to speak. The only one who will see your skill testing is Dr. Katz and his teaching assistants.

Another benefit is that you can get advice from Dr. Katz long after you have graduated from the training course. The doctor is available to answer questions you may have about a certain procedure or patient circumstance. You can email him and he answers within 24 hours, depending on his schedule. He makes it a practice to stay in touch with students. What other instructors do that?

Dentox is the Quality Leader in Online Botox Training

Even with all the resources available in New York, there is no better way to receive the best Botox training than through Dentox and Dr. Katz. When you choose Dentox, you are choosing the highest-quality training, resource materials, and skills training available and taught by a world-renowned educator who is an expert in Botox. You will find this training to be a valuable addition to your practice.

Houston Offers Online Botox Training

Houston Offers Online Botox Training

Houston has over 60 colleges and as many as 130,000 people are enrolled in some type of higher education programs in the area. They are all trying to better their career opportunities by learning new skills. This is a great idea but being crammed in a tiny classroom with a bunch of other people may not be your style.

There are many good programs being offered by schools like Texas Southern and the University of Houston, but if you are a medical professional looking to get certified in Botox treatments you want to learn from the master, none other than Dr. Howard Katz. Dr. Katz is the world’s leading authority on Botox applications.

Why is the Dentox Botox Training Program the Best?

  • You’ll learn new skills, new techniques, and methods of bringing in new customers that cost less than other programs and operating costs for a new business.
  • Xeomin, Restylane, and Botox.
  • You receive AGD Continuing Education credit to put to good use.
  • You’ll train in a hands-on interactive learning environment. Everything in the course is hands-on so you can practice and test using the same products you would use in your office for Botox treatments.
  • Sit in on a refresher course at the Dentox headquarters in San Diego.

What’s Included In The Dentox Program

When you take our online Botox training you will receive all the study materials, resources, and course manuals. You will learn all about Botox, how it is used, and how Botox and dermal fillers can help patients retain their youthful appearance. You’ll learn so much in this course you’ll wonder why it took you so long to find it.

Hand-on practice and Photo Testing

You might be wondering how you can prove your skills for an online course, well this course using photo evidence. You will follow the instruction and administer the injection where Dr. Katz has requested. When ready you will administer the injections and take a photo of the needle placement. These photos are then uploaded to the instructor for his approval.

Easy and Convenient

Having the ability to take online courses is a big plus. Some people would love to attend classes to increase their skills but are unable to due to time constraints and scheduling issues. You don’t have to worry about parking meters, hotels, or takeout food when you study online. You don’t have to worry about being embarrassed to talk in class because all questions are answered in chat. No worry about being teased or made to feel uncomfortable. You connect with the instructor one to one on the device of your choice and it is like he is right next to you showing you the techniques.

It makes absolute sense to train in the easiest, most efficient way possible. You can do the lessons at your convenience, day or night, 24/7. This training works with you to adapt to your schedule making training materials and resources available outside of classroom hours.

Sleep Apnea: What it is and How it is Treated

Sleep Apnea: What it is and How it is Treated

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects a large portion of the population. You have probably heard the term used before but may not understand what it means. This is a medical condition that is treated in a variety of ways. Are you at risk for developing sleep apnea and how is it diagnosed? Here is a little information to explain it.

Sleep Apnea – what it is

In the simplest of terms, sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects the amount of oxygen a person’s brain gets while they sleep. This condition interrupts the natural flow of air during sleep. There is a variation of this disorder called obstructive sleep apnea where an individual will stop breathing for several seconds during a period of sleep. It may only last ten seconds or so but this pattern repeats throughout the night.

Another variation of this is central sleep apnea which has some of the same symptoms but is a more serious problem.

What is the cause of sleep apnea?

Breathing is something we do without even thinking about it or being conscious of the fact we’re doing it. During sleep, our breathing slows down because it is being controlled by our subconscious. The muscles at the back of the throat are supposed to open the airways when the brain signals the body to breathe. During obstructive sleep apnea, the muscles are not as efficient at holding the airways open. For central sleep apnea, the brain itself is at fault here. The signal to breathe is not being sent correctly. This is a much more serious problem because then it is neurological instead of being a muscle function.

People at risk for developing sleep apnea are overweight individuals, people who smoke, drink, and also those with restricted muscle function or a narrow airway.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

One of the first symptoms and one that many people recognize is that you forget to take a breath during the night. Your sleeping partner may have mentioned that you skip a breath at night or you snore very loudly. This is another indication, very loud snoring.

Another issue is fragmented sleep. When a person with this condition sleeps, they do not have restful sleep because it is disrupted several times during the night. Over time they start to develop problems with blood pressure and memory from lack of sleep and low oxygen levels.

What is the treatment for sleep apnea?

You will also be taught the best sleeping positions to help your airways to breathe naturally; most people find that sleeping on their side helps to keep their airways open at all times (health practitioners should look at our course on how to add sleep apnea treatment to their business).

Most often, the first and best type of therapy is behavioral therapy. The goal here is to remove the risk factors to reduce instances of sleep apnea. You may be encouraged to lose weight, stop smoking, drinking, and sleep in positions known to increase airflow while sleeping. Side sleeping is more preferable to sleeping on your back because the tongue cannot block the airway. You may also be prescribed oxygen therapy through a CPAP or continuous pressure machine.

Sleep apnea is a continuing problem for many people but health professionals are finding increasingly better ways of treating it.

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