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Setting Expectations For Botox Outcomes Can Prevent Costly Touchups – And Help You Earn

Setting Expectations For Botox Outcomes Can Prevent Costly Touchups – And Help You Earn

When Botox patients understand potential outcomes, they’re better prepared to accept them. And they’re more likely to understand that if they want additional treatment because of those outcomes, they’ll have to pay. Part of a good Botox training course is learning how to help patients understand what you’ll pay to fix and what’s an expected part of the procedure.

Examples? You’ll find several in this quick Botox tip video. When you inject around the eyes, for example, patients may notice thickening of the lower eyelids. It’s to be expected and isn’t a bad outcome. Additional treatment in a different area can reduce this thickening, but it isn’t included in the initial treatment.

Something similar is true for forehead injections, which can cause an unnatural, wide-open look around the eyes that your patient may not find desirable. If that happens, your patient needs to understand that fixing that issue involves treating an additional zone at an additional cost. One thing sometimes leads to another, and it’s your job as an injector to make that clear.

When patients understand in advance what could happen, they’re less likely to consider the issue your mistake and insist that you perform correction injections at your expense. As is so often the case, keeping a patient well-informed is key to satisfying them. When someone knows what to expect, they can be clear about whether they got what they paid for or not.

Predicting outcomes and setting realistic expectations in part of successful cosmetic Botox treatment for any doctor, dentist or other injector. At Dentox, we specialize in practical Botox and dermal filler training that can help you raise the income of your practice and improve the appearance and lives of your patients. Let us train you online, on demand or in-person for Botox injection skills that will set you apart from your colleagues and satisfy the well-set expectations of your clients.

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