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Archive for September, 2022

Botox For Camptocormia: A Worthwhile Option For A Difficult To Treat Condition

Camptocormia is a Parkinson’s disease (PD) symptom that impacts the back muscles and is a type of axial dystonia. It is characterized by a 45-degree forward flexion or bend in the patient when standing. When the patient sits, reclines, walks with a walker or stands against a wall, the symptom go away in most cases. […]


Botox For Essential Tremor: Minimal Side Effects When Done Precisely

While essential tremor (ET) is a neurological condition that can cause a patient’s hands, head, voice, trunk or legs to shake in a rhythmic manner, when people speak of ET they often mean only shaky hands. The condition is confused with Parkinson’s disease, but it isn’t necessarily accompanied by any other symptoms. ET is perhaps […]


TMJ Pain: Botox For TMJ Could Be The Best Thing Ever For Pain Relief

Stress is a very real part of most of our lives. That stress can lead to stiffness in the jaws, shoulders and upper back that could be related to the jaw condition TMJ disorder. Other muscular issues can be part of the equation too – including teeth clenching and grinding. If you wake up with […]


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