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Lip Injection Frequently Asked Questions: Give Your Clients Natural Lips

Lip fillers that appear natural and work better than previous options are now readily available. Lip injections do not have to result in swollen lips that appear to have been operated on if a professional injector performs them. To get results that seem natural, natural lip fillers can be used to halt the aging process and give patients the plumpness they’ve never experienced before. 

The following are some commonly asked questions concerning lip injections and natural lip fillers: 

What is the procedure for injecting the lips? 

If state legislation permits, lip injections can be administered in a medical or dental office or a spa. Only a few minutes are needed for each treatment, which is delivered using a small needle into the dermal layers. Before treatment, a topical numbing cream, ice, or other topic anesthetics may be used to alleviate any discomfort that may arise. Lip injection sites may be sore, red, or even swollen after the procedure. It is also conceivable that the injection site could bleed or become bumpy. These symptoms usually subside on their own. 

Is it feasible to notice results quickly with today’s natural-looking lip fillers? 

Treatment results will be instantly noticeable to patients. Due to the rapid absorption of hyaluronic acid, injectors often over-inject the patient’s demand for the dermal filler. Lips may appear larger than normal for a few days. Although it may take months to get full results, there is a solution. With Volbella XC, effects are long-lasting. It is possible to maintain a youthful appearance by regular injections. 

What is Volbella XC by Juvéderm? 

Volbella XC, a new dermal filler in the Juvéderm brand, is the best of the best when it comes to plumping up the lips naturally. Hyaluronic acid, included in this product, provides structural stability and suppleness to the epidermis. This chemical is prevalent in the human body and is essential for hydrating the skin because it aids in binding water to skin cells. Volbella XC injections can be used to treat dryness, laxity, and volume loss in the face, hands, and other places for up to a year due to the body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. 

What is Restylane? 

With Restylane, you may get fuller lips with fine lines and wrinkles caused by fat loss, much like you can with Volbella XC. However, Restylane differs from other fillers in a few ways. Hydroxyapatite is an excellent filler for the lips. Refyne is a terrific option for treating deep smile lines since it is both volumizing and flexible enough to blend in with the natural expressions of the patient while still producing excellent results. Many volumes can be recovered while maintaining normal mobility. 

Who is not a suitable candidate for lip injections? 

Some dermal fillers have age limits associated with them. The FDA has approved Juvéderm Volbella XC for use in individuals over 21. Lips and the perioral lines above the top lip are the only areas allowed for usage. Other fillers may be used on younger individuals or for other goals besides lip enhancement. The use of alternative cosmetic treatments or procedures may be more appropriate for patients who have previously experienced an adverse response to a hyaluronic acid filler. 

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