On Demand Botox Certification for Nurses (Adwords)


“Watch Anytime” Botox Training For Nurses

Includes: Hands on with Manikins, Live Zoom Q & A With Dr. Katz



  • Complete Botox and filler training for nurses that includes cosmetic and therapeutic injectables
  • Exclusive nurse injector training from Dr. Howard Katz, the industry leader
  • Training kit including manikin to practice and prove competence (SEE HOW THE MANIKIN HANDS ON WORKS).
  • Comprehensive Botox classes for nurses that you can watch anytime for up to 60 days
  • Crucial details on how to fix your own mistakes and those made by other injectors
  • Tips, techniques and advice for getting new patients with low upfront costs
  • Live remote session with Dr. Howard Katz to complete training
  • More than Botox certification for nurses, training includes Botulinum toxins Dysport and Xeomin
  • Long-term access to Dr. Katz for case assistance
  • Continued education credit



The Basics Of On Demand Botox Certification For Nurses

Botox certification for nurses is easier than ever with recorded video training featuring hands-on manikin practice plus live Q & A with our instructor, Dr. Howard Katz – the most experienced in the industry.

Botox and filler training for nurses fits into your schedule – or anyone’s – with Dentox Anytime, an on demand aesthetic nurse certification program designed for those with irregular or uncertain schedules and those who don’t want to sit down for live in-person or online training all at once. Watch this program anytime you want over 2 months. Watch in short or long segments. Watch over and over. Share with your team. Whatever you like.

Only registered students get the crucial certification that’s needed for material ordering and insurance, but sharing this nurse injector training program with fellow staffers, friends and family is a great way to gain support and a study partner too.
The course is completely on demand and on your schedule, but you also virtually meet and interact with our trainer, Dr. Howard Katz. After completing your training, attend a live online Q&A session with Dr. Katz to answer questions and prove your mastery using the provided manikin head. (Don’t worry: You can get additional support from Dr. Katz later by submitting patient questions for quick advice and guidance, if you want.)

Any qualified healthcare professional can participate in these on demand Botox classes for nurses. States each determine who is eligible to perform treatments on patients. Like doctors, you may qualify to inject, just as dentists, aestheticians, physician assistants and others may qualify.

Move Forward To Step Up In Your Career

Dentox Anytime makes Botox classes for nurses and lucrative, skill-enhancing aesthetic nurse certification quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before.

Sign up now for access for a full 60 days for one low, unmatched price. Soar ahead of other nurses by training with Dentox – and getting skills and guidance that furthers your education, advances your career and helps you better meet patient needs. It all starts when you register now.