Dentox Reviews (Testimonials) – Dr. Howard Katz

How would you like to have the developers of Botox courses and treatments looking over your shoulder when you do these injection procedures for tthe first time? Dentists know that experience counts and Dentox is responsible for meticulously developing Botox treatments for dentists around the world.

Dentox has consistently educated Dentists to perform these effective and highly lucrative facial esthetic and dental therapeutic procedures in their practices.

The featured course, Botox for Dentistry, has been offered in over 30 cities, 8 countries, 7 major International Dental Conferences, to over 3500 attendees. Many copycat courses have appeared since Dr. Howard Katz created the treatment protocols now used around the world and started as the first lecturer on this topic in 2000. Dentox hands-on live patient courses have been copied by most of the educational programs offered in the USA and around the world – right down to the testimonials (with different names) and price points. Much is lost in translation and repitition.  Many of the copycat programs are unfamiliar with controversial current dental legislation as well as treatment modalities as they apply to everyday dental practice and the business of dentistry.


Dentox has trained dentists and MD’s since 2002. Dentox offers one of the few programs in all of dentistry that can claim 100% satisfaction in all categories of post-course evaluations requested by AGD and ADA. These are actual comments from our most recent meetings at the NSU College of Dental Medicine in September 2011:

  • From our most recent meeting in San Diego 2012,:  I had a wonderful experience.  It was the best course that I have taken.  Dr. Katz is an excellent teacher.  I learned so much.  The Dental Profession needs pioneers like Dr. Katz who constantly explores outside the box.  It gives a Dentist like myself, the chance for new opportunites and new direction.  Thank you to Ann for great organization. Douglas Sam DDS.
  • Very comprehensive & practical.  Extremely knowledgeable with excellent visuals to compliment lecture.
  • Great Course!  I would highly recommend this course to other dentists.  Thanks.
  • Excellent lecturer.  Good instruction.
  • Great course, wish we would have known earlier and I would have brought many more patients.
  • Good organization & good communication skills.
  • Strictly nuts & bolts.  Removes the secrecy surrounding Botox & Dermal Fillers with everyday applications in the dental office. Especially important for clenching/bruxism pts.
  • Awesome instructors with great presentation skills.
  • Very good course.  Dr. Katz makes it easy to learn.