Online/Interactive Dental Botox Course


On Demand Dental Botox Course

Includes: Hands on with Manikins, Live Zoom Q & A With Dr. Katz



  • Sign up now and watch your dental Botox certification course anytime for up to 60 days
  • Features comprehensive dental Botox training in therapeutic injectables plus cosmetic uses too
  • Includes training kit with practice manikins to prove your competence (SEE HOW THE MANIKIN HANDS ON WORKS).
  • Taught by Dr. Howard Katz, a practicing dentist who developed his techniques for use in dental offices
  • Learn how to treat TMD, migraine and other medical and dental conditions with Botox
  • Get tips and advice for acquiring new patients with minimal upfront costs
  • Complete your dental Botox course with a live remote session with Dr. Katz
  • Acquire dental Botox certification while learning about cosmetic uses of Botox as well
  • Retain long-term access by email to Dr. Katz for case questions
  • Grab continued education credit you probably need anyway



A Thorough Dental Botox Course To Fit Any Schedule

Dental Botox certification can’t be quicker, easier or more complete than our on demand prerecorded video training seminars with hands-on manikin practice and live question-and-answer session from Dr. Howard Katz – a dentist with decades of experience in the dental office and in the classroom.

Not that long ago, Botox courses for dentists were taught only in person and on schedules that were convenient for the trainer. Now, our dental Botox course is designed with you in mind and fits any schedule. Whether you can’t make it to a training center or simply don’t want to deal with travel and other hassles, our program provides you complete course access for two months. Watch a little at a time. Watch again and again. Share with others in your office.

When you, the registered attendee, complete your course, you get the same dental Botox certification you would get from an in person course. With that crucial certification, you can order materials, get insurance and more.

This course – which includes deep and thorough training on dentist-requested therapeutic uses of injectables plus all the cosmetic uses as well – is totally on demand. Simply complete the training, attend a live remote Q&A session with Dr. Katz, show your mastery using the provided manikin head, pins and labels, then get your certification. You retain access by email to Dr. Katz for patient guidance later.

Other medical professionals can also attend this dental Botox training, including doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, aestheticians and more. Your state determines if and under what circumstances you’re eligible to perform injections on patients.

Advance Your Career… Without Travel Or Hassles

On demand Botox training from Dentox Anytime can help you advance your career and move up to the next level. Our skill-enhancing, practice-boosting certification is the quickest, easiest and best you’ll find.

Register right away for generous 60-day access to the nation’s top choice in Botox courses for dentists. Rise above other dentists in your area with skills you need from a source you can trust while satisfying cosmetic dental patient desires better than ever. It all begins when you sign up now.