100 units Botox = 300units Dysport =100 units Xeomin

Dilute/reconstitute each vial with 3ml bacteriostatic saline

100 units in 3ml = 33 units in 1ml = 3.3units in 0.1ml = 1.65units in 0.05ml

100 units in 1ml = 10 units in 0.1ml =2.5units in 0.025ml


0.1ml aliquots for all injections in forehead, glabella and smile lines around eyes at least 1 inch outside orbital rim around eyes using

3ml dilution per 100 units

0.05ml for all injections around lips and nose (for smokers lines or gummy smiles) using 3ml dilution per 100 units

0.025ml for sites closer than 1″ from the orbital rim using 1ml dilution in 100 units