On Demand Botox training


“Watch Anytime” Botox Training Video Course

Includes: Hands on with Manikins, Live Zoom Q & A With Dr. Katz


What You Will Learn/Receive

  • On Demand, comprehensive Botox training video content (watch as often as you like for 60 days!)
  • Exclusive techniques to bring in new patients with minimal up-front costs
  • Expansive hands on training kit to practice all aesthetic, therapeutic, and complication reversal treatments (SEE HOW THE MANIKIN HANDS ON WORKS).
  • Live (remote) Question and Answer session with Dr Katz
  • Indefinite access to Dr Katz for questions with your cases
  • Continued education credit.
  • Certification from Dr. Katz, who is named on the patent applications for all the Botulinum toxins including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.





Watch The Webinar Video At Your Convenience


Join A Live, Online Q & A Session With Dr. Katz


Complete The Hands-On Manikin Practice & Send Your Selfie

Dentox anytime allows you to decide when to watch, how long you want to watch at a time, how many times you want to watch, to share with your team… for 2 whole months. Certification is only for those who register but not everyone needs certification for insurance and ordering materials, like auxiliary staff, friends, family.

While the course is entirely on demand, it is followed by a live question and answer session with Dr. Katz, a hands-on practice kit, and then a certification document you can use to secure malpractice insurance coverage, and display to your patients. Later, you can ask Dr. Katz specific case-related questions and get a response in about a day – at no extra charge.

How The Hands-on Learning Works

Dentox Anytime provides you with color-coded anatomy charts to review in conjunction with a correct to scale mannequin head. In addition when you sign up, you will receive matching color coded muscles stickers to attach to your mannequin head. The sticker fabric was selected to match the resistance of needle penetrating the skin. They will allow you to perfect superficial subdermal injections. Most upper facial esthetic treatments are given just below the dermis. This vinyl-plastic material feels just like skin when you insert the needle and makes a “popping” sound when you are at the correct depth. So you can practice needle insertion with the stickers attached to your mannequin head. What also makes this special is the doses for every injection site are also color coded, and the injection site, needle depth and needle angle are also coded by different shapes pre-marked on these stickers.

Certain treatments and management of side effects require a combination of different injections. These treatment zones or areas are included in your registration kit. For example, if you want to raise eyebrows, you look for the treatment zone icon that matches droopy eyebrows and do all the injections in that pre-marked zone. You receive dilutions, doses, needle angles, depths clearly coded on the muscle charts and the stickers. This information is easily discernable on the charts and stickers that you place on your foam mannequin head. You do not have to remember anything except to refer to the mannequin head. Your Dentox kit also includes the ideal recommended syringe and needle. It cannot be easier.

Dr Katz likes to tell the following story: I entertained my 7 and 9 year old granddaughters by having them paste the muscle stickers on a foam mannequin head. I explained that each color meant a certain dose and each shape meant a different needle depth. I showed them the volume numbers on a 1ml syringe. Obviously I am biased because they are my granddaughters, but the girls quickly learned the muscle names and by using the color codes understood how to do the treatments in under 2 minutes. I sent them home with a foam head, stickers, and syringes. Now besides knowing the locations and names of the facial muscles, they play “Botox, Botox” with precision and pin point accuracy using the syringes that come with the kit. But they are my granddaughters! A little embarrassing for their mom when they do pretend treatments on friends.




Dentox students learn all of the most effective and desired therapeutic and aesthetic injectibles treatments for the face and head. This includes techniques for crows feet, bunny lines, forehead lines, frown lines, glabellar lines, gummy smile, brow lift, and mentalis, as well as migraine and TMJ.

It’s essential that you select a current, constantly updated on demand Botox training program because products and usage change. Is the right product for your patient actually Botox or is it Dysport, Xeomin or a dermal filler like Juvederm, Voluma or Restylane? And what is the goal? Is it treating a medical condition like migraines or jaw pain? Or is it plumping, smoothing and rejuvenating the skin? We cover the best products and show you the latest FDA-approved and off-label treatment possibilities. Just as importantly, we show you how to avoid complications, and fix them if they do happen.

Practical techniques to bring in new patients: We know your time is valuable, so we provide on demand Botox training that cuts to the heart of marketing your services – how to offer your skills to patients that, by definition, have disposable income and are eager to pay for your new skills. These techniques have been refined from effective methods used by Dr. Katz’s students over the last 30+ years.

Unlike many other methods of obtaining new patients, ours minimizes your upfront outlay in materials costs and marketing. You just need syringes, the Botox and dermal filler products you wish to offer and a few other injection supplies to apply these techniques.



Why Learn From Dr. Katz?


Dentox is different because only Dentox offers the expert that sold his own dento-facial Botox related intellectual property to the pharmaceutical companies. Registered Dentox attendees may email Dr Katz at his private email to receive real answers specific to your question or patient treatments. Dr Katz is also available to his students live via Zoom at certain times each week to answer questions. Only registered attendees have this option to consult with Dr Katz before during or after each program with regards to compromised patients or unwarranted side effects, clinical, material or procedural dilemmas. Its like having the private expert on call at your side 24/7. Learning from Dr. Katz, and having a certificate to display, signed by him, lends strong credibility in the marketplace.




Continued Education Credit & Student Perks

Since you’re probably required to have continuing education hours anyway, why not get them learning lucrative skills you can use every day? Dentox is an AGD PACE approved provider and offers continuing education credits upon successful completion of your on demand Botox training.And remember, you’re not just getting CE credit: You’re getting hands-on training in injection procedures plus marketing training, the forms you need for easy startup and patient records, expert tips and advice and more. And no other training company has Dr. Katz. Why not take your injectables course from the original educator?

Additional student perks include credit for your on demand course tuition when you attend a live training seminar (so you will only pay the difference in tuition), additional discounts on any future Dentox programs, as well as registration priority for any new courses or webinars we offer.

botox training credit




Thanks for the course today doc! Your explanations and clarity are very appreciated! You did great. Sincerely, Dave

Thank you for allowing international doctors the chance to participate in such a great course. I have recommended your course to other dermatologists around the Caribbean. Previously I had done a similar course with three other providers but never felt confident to inject fillers or BTX. Your course simplifies everything especially dilutions, volume, needle placement, etc.

Thank you so much for your training on Super Bowl Sunday. I learned a lot.. From taking your course, and prior to going out on disability, I was able to show the physician I work with techniques that I learned from your webinar. He was amazed! Once again, I am appreciative of your time, skill and knowledge.

Thanks for the nice presentation .It was very well organized and it was pleasure to participate in your course.

Dr. Stela Munro2018-01-29

Your training was very comprehensive, concise and informational. You are a good teacher, speaker and terrific orator. Take care and have a wonderful year with prosperity.

As I reflect upon the training that I have reviewed, I feel pretty confident that I could do a nice job for my patients with both fillers and botox, thanks to the very nice material provided by Dr. Katz. Thanks

I really appreciate your time today, and thank you for a great and informative course!

Thanks Howard for the great course! I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Your course was full of useful information and I really enjoyed it!

Dr. Eleanor Lin2017-09-25

I really enjoyed your teaching. It was very clear, complete and fun. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, it really means a lot to me. May God keep blessing you.

The course was really helpful and gave the drive and confidence to incorporate injectables to my practice. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for such a well run class. I have been interested in taking the botox and dermafil classes for quite sometime. There were so many different choices that I had really put it on the back burner. After a little inspiration, I finally decided to take your classes (botox and dermafil) on the same day. I am extremely happy I did and will highly recommend to anyone that your presentations are the only way to go. Thank you so much.

Great course… Enjoyed it! You emphasized the most important parts. Well organized. Walked away confident and ready…

Thanks again for your terrific class. I have done two live people under supervision so far with excellent results.

I found your online class to be remarkably thorough and informative… your presentation made it easy to digest a great deal of information in a concise amount of time. I also appreciate your lecture style and the fact that I could ask all of my questions and instantly receive clear and informative answers. Moreover, the scope of your lecture that ranged from the pharmacology to the clinical application and finished with the economics encompassed everything I’d hoped to hear. I am thrilled that I made the decision to take your course!

Thank you so much, and I already recommended a friend to take your course!

One of the most straight forward and best learning experiences I’ve had. Instead of being lost in a big room full of people it was more like a one-on-one private lesson with Dr. Katz. Time was spent focusing on the practical application of the techniques, with lot’s of “pearls”. I feel confident I can start doing these treatments tomorrow, avoid, and if need be treat any complications. This is a lateral skill for a dentist with experience. I would highly recommend this course to any fellow professional.