Dentox Student Reviews

  • Dr. Howard, thank you so much for a great class!

  • Hi Dr. Katz, Thank you so much for an easy to follow Botox class with the most important and useful info for my practice. I really enjoyed your presentation!

  • Your class was top notch. My colleague and I really enjoyed your teaching and the techniques used in your class. I think Jessica took the online filler class this past Sunday and I will also be taking it in the near future... I can not wait to learn more from you.

  • Hi Howard! I so enjoyed your course. Your passion for teaching this material is so evident making it enjoyable to learn from you.

  • Thank you very much for this course. This was very helpful and I really enjoyed meeting you. I have some professional athlete friends and actor friends in San Diego who I have already referred to you because I thought you were fantastic. Thanks again!

  • It was a pleasure to be part of your Filler and Botox classes! I really loved your classes and will definitely recommend my friends and co workers to attend your future classes.. "

  • I have completed the required on the manikin. Would also like to thank you and Howard for an amazing training session i had completed lip fillers and foundation elsewhere however this training session was by far much better.

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful Botox training course! I look forward to taking the filler class!

  • Dr Katz is one of the best teachers I have ever had... really knows his subject

  • Dr. Eleanor Lin

    Your course was full of useful information and I really enjoyed it!

  • Thanks Howard for the great course! I enjoyed it thoroughly!

  • Thank you for the great course. I am definitely looking forward to the filler course..

  • Hello Dr. Katz. I completed you online Botox training course on 10/13/2018. Thank you! It was very informative and helpful.

  • Nathan Ross

    I really enjoyed the class today. Thank you!

  • I really appreciate your time today, and thank you for a great and informative course!

  • Thanks again for a great presentation Dr. Katz !

  • Michelle Cullen

    I enjoyed my class today!!! You are a wonderful teacher and I hope you never get tired of teaching this.

  • Nathan Ross

    Dr. Katz, Thank you so much. Once again, a fantastic course. I really enjoyed it. Thank you

  • Wonderfully training. I highly recommend it.

  • I really appreciate your courses. Thank you for being an advocate for the general dentists. I believe we are great at head and neck esthetics and injections. I am so excited to add this to my practice

  • Ashley Carroll

    Thank you for the great course! I enjoyed it very much!

  • As I reflect upon the training that I have reviewed, I feel pretty confident that I could do a nice job for my patients with both fillers and botox, thanks to the very nice material provided by Dr. Katz. Thanks

  • Your training was very comprehensive, concise and informational. You are a good teacher, speaker and terrific orator. Take care and have a wonderful year with prosperity.

  • Dr. John Minalt

    Thank you for a good course and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

  • Dr. Stela Munro

    Thanks for the nice presentation .It was very well organized and it was pleasure to participate in your course.

  • Thanks for the great session Dr. Katz

  • Tyna Woodby

    Thank you for the class. I look forward to future classes with you

  • Hope Garrison

    I just wanted to say thank you so much I really learned a lot from you and the class. I have been doing and learning about injectables for about 2 years ,and honestly I learned more from you in a couple hours than I did from the doctor I’ve been working with for almost a year.

  • Desiree Haugh

    Dr. Katz is a great instructor. Funny and informative. He shares many pearls and you will feel confident in performing Botox infections on your patients after this coarse.

  • Thanks again for a great class, will definitely recommend!

  • Thank you very much! Your course was great : )

  • Thank you so much for your training on Super Bowl Sunday. I learned a lot.. From taking your course, and prior to going out on disability, I was able to show the physician I work with techniques that I learned from your webinar. He was amazed! Once again, I am appreciative of your time, skill and knowledge.

  • Ashley Olsin

    LOVED the live class and hands on approach- very thorough class thanks!!!

  • Leslie Kimpler

    Thank you! Great class!

  • Thanks for the great class!

  • Christine Suh

    Thanks for the great course!

  • That (course) was fantastic, thanks very much.

  • Terin Ziebarth

    I took your online Dentox class on 1/20. It was great!

  • Dr. Daniel Lee

    Thank you for the wonderful course. It was very insightful and thorough. Here is the picture of me and the mannequin with the appropriate injection sites and doses. I am very excited and eager to treat patients!

  • Supatta Wong

    Thank you so much for a very knowledgeable class.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the training video and I plan to refer to it often... Please send my regards to Dr. Katz for a phenomenal job on his training program

  • Thank you for a helpful and amazing Botox lesson.

  • I really loved both of your courses!! Thanks so much!

  • Great course! Love the detailed Info!!!!

  • Thank you for an awesome dermal fillers session..

  • Awesome class!! Thank you! I’m so excited to get started!

  • Thank you for allowing international doctors the chance to participate in such a great course. I have recommended your course to other dermatologists around the Caribbean. Previously I had done a similar course with three other providers but never felt confident to inject fillers or BTX. Your course simplifies everything especially dilutions, volume, needle placement, etc.

  • I must say that having time to review the muscles (I graduated dental school in 1990) and being able to pause your lecture to go back and forth so I don’t miss a thing made a huge difference!

  • Megan Azar

    Thank you for the convenient and informative program tonight.

  • Holly Clark

    Hi Dr. Howard, thank you for a great course! Thanks so much, Holly Clark

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